2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hi Ladies, Sorry our 5th fairway is flooded so see you in the club house around 11.30am

Friday, 23 September 2011


Jeff Wutherspoon from George Brand Real Estate, the sponsors of our Eagles Nest on the 2/10 th hole yesterday presented Sally Hopkins and Michelle Thatcher with their Golf Balls for their magnificent drives that landed within 20cm of the hole.    Well Done girls.


Our Captain Presidents day proved a huge success with 56 ladies taking part.  Weather was brilliant, course was brilliant and the company was fantastic.  

President's team were the victors on the day, although near the end the Captain's team were edging close till Magaret and Kerrie came in with the great score of 53 for the President's team, well done girls

Captain: Sally Hopkins and Terry Gardner  47
President: Margaret Horrowell and Kerrie McInerney 53
3rd Place Liz Stedman and Peggy Searle 48
4th Place Judi Eaton and Margaret Day 47 c/b
Margaret and Kerrie

Terry and Sally

Captain Aiki and her team

President Judi and her Team
"The Winners"
2nd Liz Stedman,  Merrily Le Quesne and Deanne Curby
15th Liz Stedman, Rhonda Boothman and Denise Barr

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


We had a few of our Ladies represent us at Gosford's Invitation Day and it looked like they had a great day
with Jan Hoban winning a Nearest the Pin    Well done Ladies


A large contingent of Terrigal Ladies took part in the Day at Shelly Beach Golf Club and thanks to all the ladies from Shelly Beach for such a fantastic day.   The weather was sunny, the course was in great condition and our Terrigal Ladies were on a roll

Nell Spargo was part of the
Winning team with a great score of 98

Cheryl Ledger & Judi Eaton were part of 2nd Place team with 92

 Janice Adlard and Sally Hopkins were part of the 4th Place team  with 90

Di Connolly and Liz Stedman were part of the 6th Place team

 Well done Ladies and well done to all their partners from Shelly Beach and Everglades.


A great day greeted 54 players for a Par event.

Div. 1 Margaret Day 5 c/b   R/U   Dianne Williams 5
Div. 2 Peggy Seale   5         R/U  Jo-Ann Meyers   4
Div. 3 Nell Spargo   8         R/U  Mary Mathews    5
Nareda, Cheryl and Margaret on the 7th

Well done ladies.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Rhonda, Elaine and Joanne enjoying the day
Whew, how lucky were we.   Three days of great weather and a dry course for our Championships then today,  rain, rain, rain.

A very healthy field of Ladies took part in our Championships with a few extra ladies in our daily events

Results for individual days
29th August
Gross     1st Div: G Catanzariti  2nd Div: A. Mc Innes  3rd Div:  V. Higgin
Nett        1st Div: N. Leary   R/U G. Catanzariti
               2nd Div: M. Molyneaux R/U A. Mc Inness
               3rd Div V. Higgin R/U  C. Whalan                  

1st September
Gross     1st Div A. Baker   2nd Div  A. Bone   3rd Div N. Spargo
Nett        1st Div M. Day  R/U J. Adlard  2nd Div  A. Bone  R/U R. Boothman
               3rd Div Y. Brooker R/U N. Chilman

8th September
Gross    1st Div  M. Russell Smith  2nd Div  A. Mc Inness   3rd Div  M. Haines
Nett       1st Div  M. Russell Smith  R/U J. Chapman

Monica.....our newest member and first time winner  Congratulations
             2nd Div  A. Mc Inness  R/U  G. Mesiti
             3rd Div   M. Haines  R/U  D. Curby

Joan, Mollie and Carole....Fantastic workers ... 
A big Thank You to Mollie Chapman, Joan O'Connell and Carol Stratford for coming in on all the days to help with the cards and collating of scores 
Thank you to Aiki our Captain for running the event with such efficiency and to all the committee for their help over the 3 days ................Well done.

Winners are grinners ....celebrating....Congratulations