2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
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Friday, 26 June 2015

Results from Seniors Day 22nd June 2015

Colleen Henry
                                                                                           Deanne Curby


Min Corner and Susan Muna
Terrigal Ladies Golf proved yet again we are a force to be reckoned with! Playing at Magenta Shores, one of the Coast's hardest courses, we had several winners.
Min Corner won the 80+ age croup    H'cap  37 score 21

Susan Muna      winner    Division 2 (26-36)      H'cap  33  score 31 c/b
Colleen Henry   4th         Division 2                   H'cap  32 score 28 c/b
Deanne Curby    3rd        Division 3 (37-45)      H'cap  42 score  27

Nearest the Pins won by Di Connolly and Margaret Harrowell with 11 of our other ladies winning balls.  A job well done girls!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Results Stableford + 2BBB in conjunction, 5th Dist Brooch 25 June 2015

We had 52 starters on a very wet course today in sunny weather. Results were as follows:

Div. 1.     Winner.    Nicky Henderson (2) with a score of 32
                2nd.         Diane Ind (22) with a score of 30

Div. 2.     Winner.   Elaine Clarke (32) with a score of  27
                2nd.         Peggy Searle (28) with a score of 26

Div. 3.     Winner.   Charmaine Armbruster (42) with a score of 29
                2nd.         Jan Hoban (35) with a score of 28 on a count back

2Ball in conjunction:  Winners.  Aiki Harrigan and Jeaneice Gibson with a score of 37, from
                                    2nd.         Nancy Carey-Berryman and Norma Wilks with a score of 36

Nearest the Pin.          2/11th.                              4/13th.                               15th

Division 1.                 Sally Hopkins.                  Nell Spargo.                      Nicki Draper
Division 2.                           -                                      -                                 Chris Baddack
Division 3.                  Jan Hoban.                               -                                             -

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Results Par Vets Ball 18 June 2015

18 ladies braved the wet conditions to compete in today's comp

Winner.    Nancy Carey-Berryman (32) with -2
2nd.          Lyn Guthrie (25) with -5 on a count back from
3rd.           Mel Sheekey (21) also with -5

Nearest to the Pin on the 2nd/11th was Cheryl Ledger

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

4 BBB Match Play Winners

Congratulations to Annette Mcinnes and Liz Stedman on winning the  4BBB Match Play. Slugging it out in inclement weather on Monday to run out winners 6/5 over Ronalda Arnott and Elaine Clarke.  A wonderful achievement to all four ladies. Well done.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Stableford 4th District Brooch Vets ball.

Not the most pleasant day for golf today!  The early starters getting the best of the weather.

Division One      Winner        Kerrie McInerney        37 points    hcap 20

                             2nd              Sally Hopkins               35 points     hcap 12

Division Two      Winner         Peggy  Searle              32 points     hcap 28
                              2nd              Suzanne Connor         30 points     hcap 32

Division Three     Winner        Jan Hoban                  29 points     hcap 35

                               2nd             Margaret Thorpe         28 points     hcap 45

Nearest the Pin.             2/11                                                 4/13.                           15

   Division  1         Gabriella Catanzariti                                  -                        K.McInerney

   Divisio   2          Chris  Baddock.                                       -                                          -

   Division 3.                            -                                                 -                                      -

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Results Stroke+Monthly Medal+4th GNSW Medal+Country Championships(Vets)

There was a real buzz in the air today as 63 ladies competed in the monthly Stroke Competition. The news of our wonderful Pennants wins united members as we celebrated procuring the coveted Margin Shield. It has been 17 years since our last victory and 1992 was the previous victory. Interestingly in 1992 Molly Chapman was Captain and Terrigal won Divisions 2, 3 and 4. Terrigal wasn't able to enter a team in Division 1 so Molly played in the Tuggerah Lakes (now Shelley Beach) team which won the Division 1 Pennants. What an amazing Mother/daughter experience to share 23 years apart!

Today's winners were

Division 1. Winner.  Janice Adlard (15) with a net score of 68
                   2nd.       Sally Hopkins (12) with a net score of 71 on a count back from
                   3rd.        Margaret Day (24) with a net score of 71
                   4th.        Marilyn Armstrong (14) with a net score of 72
Division 2. Winner.  Peggy Searle (28) with a net score of 71
                   2nd.       Viv Ball (29) with a net score of 72
                   3rd.        Susan Connor (32) with a net score of 73
Division 3. Winner.  Deanne Curby (35) with a net score of 74
                   2nd.        Ione Clarke (38) with a net score of 75
                   3rd.        Di Laws (35) with a net score of 76
                   4th.        Aileen Davis (38) with a net score of 78

Gross Winner over the field was Janice Adlard 83 points on a count back.
Nearest the Pin.       2/11.                            4/11.                         15th.                    Putting
Division 1.              Aiki Harrigan.             Margaret Day.          Janice Adlard.     Susan Muna 28 Putts
Division 2.               -                                  -                                Viv Ball.             Pam Crowe. 28 Putts
Division 3.              Deb Lorking.               Jan Hoban.               Deb Lorking.      Gerda Mather 30 Pts

The day was topped off when the Breakers Club provided Champagne and Orange Juice as their way of congratulating our members of our Pennants Teams for their brilliant wins.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Division 2 Win.

Today our division 2 team of Cheryl Baker, Mel Sheekey, Kerrie McInerney, Jenny Chapman. Di Ind and Anne Glance (reserves Nareda Leary and Sandra Kunz)  had a very tight tussle with Shelly Beach coming out winners 4 games to 2, making us the winners of that division.  With our division 3 team already securing 1st place in their division last week we are now the proud holders of the Margin Shield the first time Terrigal has won that shield since 1998.  VERY VERY  EXCITING.  I also  think Jenny deserves a big thank you for all her behind the scenes work she has put in this pennant season, and she still was able to be a wonderful captain and player.  Thanks Jen.