2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Stableford Competition 30 July 2015 Results

60 Ladies joined the competition today. Results were as follows:

Division 1.   Winner.    Lyn Guthrie (25) with a score of 33 on a count back from
                     2nd.       Judi Eaton (26) also with a score of 33 on a c/back from
                     3rd.       Nicky Henderson (3) also with a score of 33

Division 2.   Winner.   Susan Muna (28) with a score of 36
                     2nd.      Carole Mallyon (33) with a score of 33
                     3rd.       Margaret Harrowell (33) with a score of 32

Division 3.   Winner.   Lynne Howell (35) with a score of 33
                     2nd.       Aileen Davis (39) with a score of 32

Nearest to the Pin.    Division 1.         Division 2.                   Division 3
2nd/11th.            Anne Glance.      Veneice Higgin.          Lynne Howell
4th/13th.             Sally Hopkins.                 -                    Deanne Curby
15th.                   Judi Eaton.          Cheryl Ledger.          Charmaine Armbruster

Friday, 24 July 2015

National Tree Day

Breakers Country Club along with representatives from Ladies and Mens Golf Club celebrated National Tree Day with the planting of Native Bottle Brush trees on the Nature Strip in front of the Club House and also around the back and side of the Tee off area on the 3rd/12th hole.  Plants are also available for purchase at the reception desk for $5.00 donation going to Planet Arc.

Who could it be hiding in the Koala Suit

Ladies donation of 3 Grevillia bushes were also planted two by the 3rd Tee are and one around by the 7th Tee area

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Charity Day 2015

Thank you to everyone who cooked, made jams and relishes, sent in plants, goods for the white elephant stall or items for our raffle. Thank you also to all of you who bought cakes, jams, relishes, white elephant items, plants or bought raffle tickets. Together all your contributions saw $1353.35 raised for our 2015 charities. Amazing!! Thank you to Aileen Davis, Nancy Chilman, Yvonne Brooker, Lynne Cattaway, Carol Stratford, Dee Barham, Margaret Harrowell and Annette McInnes who gave their time to ensure another successful Charity Day.

Our wonderful helpers for the Charity Day

Results Single Stableford 16 July 2015

42 ladies competed today.  The course is drying out due to the lake having been let out.  This means that the ball is running on all holes bar the 8th. The results were as follows:

Div 1.    Winner.    Aiki Harrigan (17) 34 points
               R/Up.      Sally Hopkins (11) 32 on a count back
Div 2.     Winner.   Jan Hoban (33) 33 points
               R/Up.      Chris Whalan (33) 32 points
Div 3.     Winner.   Charmaine Armbruster (42) 38 points
               R/Up.      Di Rudd (39) 31 points

NTPs.     2/11th.    Div 1 Aiki Harrigan.  Div 2.  Jan Hoban.     Div 3.  Denise Newman
               4/13th.    Div 1 Sally Hopkins.             -                                   -
               15th.       Div 1 Sally Hopkins.  Div 2. TerryGardner. Div 3.  Lynne Howell

Monday, 13 July 2015

Photos from Pennants Presentation on 13th July 2015

The winning  Division Two Team

The winning Division Three Team

The Margin Shield winners
Our wonderful Captains Veneice  and Jenny


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Charity Day arrangements

It's here! Next Thursday is the day to bring in your baking, plants, jams and pickles, crafts and white elephant items.  Please drop items off at the bowls entry doors (usually locked) before you go out to play. Just leave at entry doors if no one is there, as they will be there shortly. Those ladies who have volunteered to organise the day should arrive at 9am with the exception of Annette and Jeanette who are in charge of the raffle who will join us around 11am.  Don't forget to bring your money with you!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stableford (Qualifying for District Charity Day)

Division One  
Winner                   Aiki Harrigan                   Score.  32 c/b        H'cap    18    
2nd                         Jenny Chapman               Score   32              H'cap    21
3rd                         Molly Russell-Smith        Score   30 c/b        H'cap    20

Division Two        
Winner                  Elaine Clarke                    Score    29 c/b       H'cap    32
2nd                        Nancy Carey Berryman    Score    29             H'cap    32

Division Three      Merrilyn Le Quesne         Score   27              H'cap    40
2nd                         Nancy Chillman               Score   25 c/b        H/cap    36

Nearest the Pins                2/11                                      4/13                         15
Division One                A Harrigan                           C Henry                    C Henry
Division Two               A McInnis                                   -                          J. Hoban

Reminder;   entries for championships close next Thursday. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Everglades Salver, Bowl and Longmarkers Cup

Jan Hoban
 Judy Eaton
On 7th July 2015, a lovely sunny winter's day, we had two winners playing at Everglades in the Salver, Bowl and Longmarkers Cup.  Jan Hoban was the Division 3 winner, also scoring a NTP.  Judy Eaton was runner up in the nett for Division 2.  Another great result girls! 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Stroke + Monthly Medal + 5th GNSW Goodwill Plate

Gross over the field winner Sally Hopkins  86  H'cap 11.  The Nett winners were;

Division One
Winner.              L Guthrie 73    H'cap  25
2nd                    C Baker   74     H'cap  19 c/b
3rd                     S  Muna  74     H'cap   27

Division Two
Winner              N Carey Berryman   76   H'cap   32
2nd                    G  Mesiti                  77   H'cap   28
3rd                     M Corner                 78   H'cap   31

Division Three
Winner              D Laws      76              H'cap   36
2nd                    M Moore   77 c/b        H'cap   38
3rd                    D Lorking  77              H'cap   44

Nearest the Pins;
Division One.      2/11  G Catanzariti         4/11  A Glance     15th   Di Connolly
Division Two.               M Corner                           -                         N Carey Berryman
Division Three.                   -                                   -                         Carol Stratford

Putting winners
Division One.   C Baker  c/b   27
Division Two.  G  Mesiti        30
Division Three. A Davis         31