2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Monday, 30 May 2016

Pennants 30/5

The Banksia team played Gosford at a very chilly Toukley golf course today, although the sun did come out for a beautiful day of golf.  Our team played hard and come away with a square 31/2 to 31/2 . So close.  Our last game is at Wyong against Magenta next week.
The Wattle team had a bye today.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

3BBB Par 26 May 2016

Rain couldn't dampen the spirits of the 54 competitors contesting today's 3 BBB Par event. The rain didn't put a stop to the run on the course nor the high scores attained and, judging by the many happy faces after the game, the rain didn't put a stop to everyone's enjoyment of the day. Fantastic result by our winning team of Jeanice Gibson, Pam Cowin and Debbie Lorking. Congratulations ladies!

Winners.    Jeanice Gibson, Pam Cowin and Debbie Lorking with the great score of +11
2nd.           Annette McInnes, Suzanne Connor and Judy Scown with +9 on a c/back
3rd.            Judy Eaton, Cheryl Ledger and Michelle Collyer also with +9
4th.            Nancy Chilman, Anne Glance and Dianne Connolly
5th.            Terri Gardner, Gina Mesiti and Yvonne Brooker
6th.            Mel Sheekey, Holly Akers and Aileen Davis
7th.            Susan Muna, Moya Allen and Cheryl Baker
8th.            Colleen Henry, Deanne Curby and Nell Spargo
9th.            Di Rudd, Margaret Spencer and Carol Mallyon

Nearest to the Pins.      2/11th.              4/13th.                  15th
Division 1.        Sandra Kunze.      Jenny Chapman.         Holly Akers
Division 2.        Margaret Spencer.           -                        Margaret Spencer
Division 3.        Debbie Lorking              -                         Helen Ingle

Monday, 23 May 2016

Pennants Monday 23rd May

On a beautiful day for golf at Everglades the Banksia team put up a brave fight only to go down 5-2 to the mighty Shelly Beach team.  The two winners were Nell and Janice and the majority of the team went to the eighteenth.  We certainly did our best.

As is becoming a trend the Wattle team did the reverse of the Banskia Team winning 5-2 playing Wyong at Morissett.  A great win girls.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Stableford + 4th District Brooch + Vets Ball 19 May 2016

56 members took part in today's competition. It was really nice to see Trish Anderson and Jacqueline Ritchie from The Fillies join the comp again this week. Our course continues to look beautiful due to the hard work of Wayne and his team. It is nice to see the improvements to the gardens around the 6th  and 7th holes. Plants for these gardens have been bought from funds provided by the ladies golf. Results from today are:

Division 1.  Winner.   Anne Glance (20) with 36 points
                    2nd.         Nell Spargo (26) with 35 points on a count back from
                    3rd.         Janice Adlard (15) also with 35 points

Division 2.  Winner.   Suzanne Connor (32) with 37 points
                     2nd.       Pam Cowin (29) with 36 points

Division 3.   Winner.  Di Rudd (39) with 34 points - Welcome back Di!
                     2nd.       Margaret Thorpe (44) with 33 points

Nearest the Pin.     2/11th.                     4/13th.                 15th
Div 1.               Judy Scown.     Janice Adlard.            Sally Hopkins
Div. 2.              Pam Cowin.      Suzanne Connor.        Gina Mesiti
Div. 3.              Jacqui Ritchie.               -                     Gerda Mather

Happy, happy 80th Birthday Pat Whittle

Today we honoured Pat Whittle on her 80th birthday. What a very special lady. Pat has been an integral part of our club since it's very beginning back in the early 70's. She has had not one, but three terms as President! Not to mention the many, many years on our Committee. Pat, along with Jess Tame, is one of our Patrons. It was lovely to welcome Joan, Vonnie, Margaret and May, along with all members to celebrate with Pat. Our very best wishes to you Pat.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pennants 16th May.

Our Wattle team had a hard -fought game against Everglades at Gosford on Monday ending up square.  Well done girls.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Par Competition 12 th May 2016

Beautiful day, magnificent course but results, except for a few, not as good as you would expect from such perfect playing conditions. Ione Clarke had a fantastic game recording the best score of the day with a +3 or 39 Stableford points! Magnificent result Ione, Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all.  Here are the results.

Division 1. Winner.  Holly Akers (7) with all square on a c/back from
                   2nd.        Melanie Sheekey (17) also with all square on a c/b from
                   3rd.         Viv Ball (25) also with all square after 18 holes

Division 2. Winner.  Peggy Searle (28) with -1 on a count back from
                   2nd.        Monica Haines (31) also with -1

Division 3. Winner.   Ione Clarke (38) with +3
                   2nd.        Barbara Holt (37) with +2

Nearest to the Pins.   2/11th.                   4/13th.                        15th
Division 1.       Holly Akers.         Judy Scown.               Janice Adlard
Division 2.       Lucy Strada.         Lynne Howell.            Julia Campbell (Visitor)
Division 3.       Deanne Dimond.  Denise Newman.        Denise Newman

Monday, 9 May 2016

Pennant Results 9 May 2016

It had to happen - rain! Not too much of it but enough to wet us on the challenging Magenta course. The rain didn't deter the Banksia team who won 5:2 against Everglades at Magenta.

Our Wattle team were not so lucky losing 2:5 against Shelley Beach at Toukley..

Best wishes for future matches to all involved.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Stroke + Monthly Medal + 3rd GNSW Medal+Mabel Mackenzie Brooch 5 May 2016

Wow, can this weather get any better? Can the course get any better? The 59 ladies who competed in today's events enjoyed perfect conditions for golf. As you can see Susan and Michelle were kept on their toes checking all the count backs! Results were as follows

Division 1. Winner.  Kerrie McInerney (18) with a nett of 70 on a c/back from
                   2nd.        Holly Akers (7) also with a nett of 70 on a c/b from
                   3rd.         Aiki Harrigan (18) also with a nett of 70 on a c/b from
                   4th.         Mel Sheekey (18) also with a nett of 70 on a c/b !!!!!!!!

Division 2. Winner.   Anara Porter (29) with a nett of 68
                    2nd.       Min Corner (33) with a nett of 73 on a c/back from
                    3rd.        Dee Barham (34) also with a nett of 73 on a c/b from
                    4th.        Elaine Clarke (34) also with a nett of 73 on a c/b !!!

Division 3. Winner.   Gerda Matner (45) with a nett of 71 on a c/back from
                    2nd.        Mary Strada (39) also with a nett of 71
                    3rd.         Debbie Lorking (44) with a nett score of 76

Gross Winner over the Field was Holly Akers (7) with a gross of 77.

Nearest the Pins and Putting
              2/11th.                4/13th.                  15th.                      Putting
Div. 1.   Janice Adlard  Jenny Chapman.   Michelle Collier.   Michelle C 25 putts
Div. 2.   Lucy Strada.   Anara Porter.         Sue Connor.          Dee Barham 30  "
Div. 3.         -                Yvonne Brooker.   Gerda Mather.       Mary Moore 31  "


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Gosford Open Monday 3rd May

On a beautiful autumn morning at Gosford Golf course we played a team game of Stableford 1x2x3.

Our Breakers team of Jenny Chapman, Anne Glance, Sue Roberts-Noble and Pam Johnson (Shelly Beach ) won on 88 points 6 points clear of second place. A great result girls.

Lynne Howell won a NTP.

The raffle gods were once again very generous to us with five prizes coming our way.
Kerrie McInerney,  Barbara Holt, Aileen Davis, Helen Ingle and Anne Glance were all winners.
(L-R) Jenny, Sue, Pam and Anne.