2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


This Thursday, 2 October, is our chance to show our determination to raise as much money as we can to fight for a cure for Breast Cancer.  Come dressed to the nines in pink.  Nicki, our wonderful golf pro, has organised a great day for us. There will be clothing for sale with 10% of sales going to the cause. The charge for the day is $20. Remember it is a shotgun start 7 30 for 8am.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Results Par 25/9/14

Division 1.   Winner.   D. Ind.  +3;   R/Up.  A. Harrigan +1
Division 2.   Winner.   M. Corner* +5;   R/Up.  J. Eaton +1
Division 3.   Winner.   N. Carey-Berryman -1 on C/back;  R/Up G. Mather -1

* we all can't wait to be members of the Octogenarian Club in order to have a chance

9-Hole Competition:   Winner:  D. Jackson

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

News!!! News!!! News!!!

Morisset Breast Cancer Day:  Only those five teams who sent their names to Morisset have been accepted for their annual pink day.  We have only just received the actual details for the day, only to be told that the day has been fully subscribed.  Would the members of those five teams please pay $30 to Moya tomorrow, 25 September as the money has to be sent away immediately.  Sorry to those members who waited for the official notification.

Foursomes Championships:  Tomorrow, 25 September, is the last day to register and pay your $4 for your team of 2 for this club event.

Central Coast Women's Golf Assn (CCWGA) :  in order to enter one, two or three days of the CCWGA District Tournament days you need to pay $20 for each day to Moya TOMORROW 25 September. The 10 and 11 November are for the singles tournament and 12 November is the team of 4 event.

Perhaps those ladies who missed out on Morisset Breast Cancer Day may be interested in attending   Mangrove Mountain Mugs Day. $18 should be paid to Moya on Thursday 25 September.
The ladies, though few in number, put in a massive effort to make this a very special day.  Any support Terrigal can give by attending would be very much appreciated by them.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Our Match Play Champion for 2014 is PEGGY SEARLE who defeated LIZ STEDMAN in the final pairing 4 and 3.

CONGRATULATIONS PEGGY!!!  Well done Liz! Magnificent effort to you both to defeat all other contenders.


The following are the Club Champions for 2014.  CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!!!!!

Division 1:   Gross:  M. Armstrong.  269.    R/Up:   D. Williams 275
                     Nett:    M. Russell-Smith  218. R/Up:  J. Adlard 225

Division 2:   Gross:   C. Baddock  305.         R/Up:   V. Ball 308
                     Nett:      M. Corner.   220.        R/Up:   C. Henry 223

Division 3:   Gross:   M. Haines.  318.          R/Up:    L. Strada 338
                     Nett:      H. Ingle 229.               R/Up:    N. Chilman 235

Stroke Monthly Medal & 3rd Round Club Championships 18/9/14

Division 1.  Nett.  Winner.  M. Armstrong 66;  R/Up  L. Stedman  71;  Gross:  M. Armstrong 83
Division 2.  Nett.  Winner.  M. Corner 68;   R/Up.  V. Ball 70;  Gross:   C. Baddock. 98
Division 3.  Nett.  Winner.  M. Haines 68;   R/Up.  M. Strada 75;   Gross:  M. Haines  104
9-Hole Competition.    Winner:   T. Anderson 19 St. Point

Monday, 15 September 2014


Cheryl Ledger Michelle and Judi Eaton
Three Terrigal teams competed in the Gwen Thompson Shield today at Toukley Golf Course under very wet conditions.  The team members were Nicky Draper, Nareda Leary and Janice Adlard, Helen Ingle, Kerry Mc Inerney and Jenny Chapman, Michelle Collyer, Cheryl Ledger and Judi Eaton.

The Team of Michelle Collyer, Cheryl Ledger and Judi Eaton won the individual game on a count back with +10 and as a Club in the Shield we came 2nd with +17 to Morisset who won with an amazing +25

Well done Ladies, it does seem to be Terrigal's year,  especially when it comes to competing at Toukley, first we scooped the pools at their invitation day, then we won the Charity day Trophy and now today's effort
The Three Teams

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Results 11 September - Stableford Challenge Cup Qualifier

Division 1.          Winner.      J. Adlard.                   30
                            R/Up.         D. Williams.               29

Division 2.          Winner.      K. McInerney.           40
                            R/Up.         M. Lee.                       31

Division 3.          Winner.       L. Strada.                  34
                             1st R/Up.   N. Chilman.               30
                             2nd R/Up.  I. Clark.                     29

9 Hole Competition              Winner.                     D. Jackson

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Away Games

Throughout the year our district organisation and other clubs from our district and beyond will send invitations to go and play at other golf courses.  Each week you should check the notice board out the front of the meeting to check what 'away' games are about to close.  If you are interested in attending any of these you should place your entry fee in an envelope which is clearly marked with :

Your Name.    Golf Link No.   Golflink Handicap  and Amount

This should be placed in the box provided on the front table.

Upcoming 'away' events with closing dates at least 2 weeks prior to event are:

       Tues. 14 Oct.           Breast Cancer Day at Morisset Golf Club - require team of 4
        Mon. 20Oct.           Mangrove Mug  at Mangrove Mountain Golf Course
        M,T,W 10,11,12 Nov.   Open & District Amateur 36 Hole Championships

Moya Allen is your committee person responsible for 'away' games.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

2 Person Ambrose 4 September 2014

Winners      P. Searle and D. Williams.                       70.50

R/Ups.         M. Day and M. Russell-Smith.                72.25
2nd R/Up.   M. l'Anson and V. ball.                             72.75

Scratch.      N. Leary and D. Connolly.                        85

Results 9-Hole Competition

Winner.       J. Ritchie.                                                R/Up.       J. Johnston

Vets Championship held 14 & 21 August 2014

Division 1.      Gross   Winner.    S. Hopkins.            R/Up.      D. Williams
                         Nett.    Winner.    M. Russell-Smith.  R/Up.      D. Connolly
Division 2.       Gross.   Winner.   K. McInerney.       R/Up.      P.  Cowin
                         Nett.       Winner.  C. Henry.              R/Up.      C. Ledger

Division 3.       Gross.    Winner.   L. Strada.             R/Up.      D. Laws
                         Nett.       Winner.   M. Matthews.      R/Up.      H. Ingle