2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

CCWGA Seniors Day at Morriset 27 June 2016

What a day! Frrrrrrreeeeezing and windy ....  Not the most pleasant day for lil ole ladies trying to play golf! Forget about looking 'spithy' on such a day, jackets, scarves and beanies were the dress code of the day. A cart was seen flying down the fairways with its occupants wrapped in a blanket. Blogger has it from a very reliable source that it is indeed possible to putt with a blanket wrapped around you!

On such a day the scores were just a tad lower than normal. There was one with 38 followed by a 34. Balls went down to 24! Doesn't that makes those of you with scores below 20 feel much better (including me!).

The cold didn't affect Judi Eaton with 31 (I hope this is correct!) who was the best of the Breakers girls. Judi came 5th out of a field of 63 in the 60+ age Division.

Susan Muna got Nearest the Pin on the 13th and Nell Spargo and Suzanne Connor received balls! Well played girls in trying conditions.

Thank you CCWGA for providing opportunities when we can all get together for fun days such as this. We appreciate the work that goes into these events.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Stableford + Aggregate draw for partners after play 23 June 2016

How lucky to be blessed with another beautiful day for golf, a little bit cool, a little bit of wind but hey, no rain, sleet or snow! The ball is not running quite so far but it did not stop some ladies obtaining some very nice scores. Congratulations to everyone - there were lots of scores above 30 which is great. Welcome to Vicky Duesbury who, not only became a member today, but won Division 2 and also won the Aggregate prize with Holly, on this her first appearance in our comp.  What an introduction to our club! We look forward to having you as part of Breakers.  Lovely to see Yvonne Brooker take out the Division 3 prize. Results were as follows:

Division 1:  Winner.  Aiki Harrigan (17) with 37 points
                     2nd.       Sally Hopkins (11) with 36 points
                     3rd.        Holly Akers (6) with 35 points

Division 2.   Winner.  Vicky Duesbury (34) with 37 points
                     2nd.        Cheryl Ledger (33) with 36 points
                     3rd.         Jan Gee (33) with 35 points

Division 3.   Winner.   Yvonne Brooker (42) with 35 points
                     2nd.         Debbie Lorking (43) with 33 points on a count back

Aggregate   Winners.  Holly Akers/Vicky Duesbury with a total of 72
                     2nd.        Di Connolly/Yvonne Brooker with a total of 69 c/b

Nearest the Pins          2/11th.                 4/13th.                  15th
Division 1.           Nell Spargo.        Janice Adlard.      Aiki Harrigan
Division 2.           Veneice Higgin.             -                 Elaine Clarke
Division 3.                     -                            -                 Helen Ingle


Monday, 20 June 2016

Par +Vets Ball 16 June 2016

It was good to see a good field of 52 starters in today's competition.  It was so nice to see Lynne Cattaway back after a long period off with a badly injured hand. What did we report last week when we talked about Min Corner's consistent playing? Must  have had a premonition that she would score extra well this week with a +2 taking out the Division 2 trophy. Well done Min! Di Rudd scored the best score of the day with a +3 in Division 3.  Great game Di! Di together with Di Jackson are two more ladies to keep an eye on as their handicaps start to come down. Unfortunately Di Jackson has called a temporary halt to her progress as she has knee surgery next Thursday which will put her out for a few months. Good luck Di we all wish you a speedy recovery. Results were as follows:

Division 1.  Winner.  Holly Akers (7) with +1
                     2nd.       Mel Sheekey (16) with all square
                     3rd.        Aiki Harrigan (18) with -2

Division 2.   Winner.  Min Corner (33) with +2
                     2nd.        Suzanne Connor (32) with all square

Division 3.  Winner.   Di Rudd (38) with +3
                     2nd.        Di Jackson (38) with -1

Congratulations to each of you!

Nearest the Pins.      2/11th.                4/13th.                 15th
Division 1.        Sally Hopkins.    Nicki Draper.      Holly Akers
Division 2.        Pam Cowin.                  -                Nancy Carey-Berryman
Division 3.        Nancy Chilman.            -                Di Jackson

Don't forget Thursday 21 July is our Charity day. As Cheryl mentioned this year we are trying a slightly different format with cakes, jams and chutneys, monster raffle, golf paraphernalia, new unwanted items, etc. This is our once a year opportunity to raise as much as we can in order to support our local charities. Get together with a group of friends and see what you can come up with to make a contribution to the success of this day.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Stableford + 5th District Brooch 9 June 2016

Wow! How good is our course! It was surprising to us all to see how it had dried out so quickly after the dreadful weather of last week. Our thanks go to Wayne and his great crew of workers for clearing all the debris and making it so pleasant for us to play on. Fifty five ladies joined in today's comp. Scores, for most of us, were generally lower with the exception of a magnificent score of 40 for Susan Muna. Beautifully played Susan. Gina Mesiti played well also with 38 points. It's interesting how the majority of us tend to have our highs and lows with our golf but not our Min Corner! Min seems to consistently score 30+! Hope this means we will all be scoring this well when we are in our 80's! You are an inspiration Min.  Today's results are

Division 1.  Winner.  Viv Ball (24) with 34 points on a count back from
                    2nd.        Holly Akers (7) also with 34 points
                    3rd.        Jenny Chapman (18) with 33 points

Division 2.  Winner.  Susan Muna (28) with 40 points!!!
                    2nd.        Gina Mesiti (33) with 38 points

Division 3.  Winner.  Charmaine Armbruster (36) with 35 points
                    2nd.        Di Rudd (38) with 31 points

Nearest the Pins.    2/11th.                      4/13th.               15th
Division 1.       Sally Hopkins.                    -                 Holly Akers
Division 2.       Pam Cowin.                        -                 Gina Mesiti
Division 3.               -                                   -                 Di Rudd

We look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Monthly Medal + 4th GNSW Medal Country Championships Vets 2nd June 2016

It turned out to be another amazing day for golf despite the weather forecasts. Mild, sunny conditions and a predominantly dry course made for very comfortable playing conditions. 46 lady golfers took part in today's comp with one competitor out playing the rest of the field. That player was none other than our hard working Captain, Jenny, who had a blemish free game winning by 5points clear of anyone else.  Great game Jenny, congratulations!!  Complete results are as follows:

Division 1.  Winner.  Jenny Chapman (19) with 63 nett.
                    2nd.       Sally Hopkins (12) with 69 nett
                    3rd.        Viv Ball (24) with 71 nett
                    Play off for May Medal was won by Holly Akers

Division 2.  Winner.  Peggy Searle (28) with 70 nett
                     2nd.       Nancy Carey-Berryman (31) with 71 nett
                     3rd.        Monica Haines (30) with 73 nett

Division 3.   Winner.  Carole Mallyon (35) with 68 nett
                     2nd.        Denise Newman (45) with 71 nett
                     3rd.         Barbara Holt (36) with 74 nett
                     Play off for May Medal was won by Gerda Mather

Nearest the Pins.  2/11th.         4/13th.             15th.              Putting
Division 1.    Viv Ball.               -           Sally Hopkins.         Sally Hopkins
Division 2.         -                      -           Nancy C-Berryman  Peggy Searle
Division 3.    Denise Newman.  -           Carole Mallyon.       Di Rudd

Congratulations all!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

4 B KO Final

The final was played today between Judi Eaton and Cheryl Ledger against Annette McInnes and Dee Barham, with Judi and Cheryl continuing their impressive form, winning 6/5.  It is so nice to see Cheryl back playing and in the winners circle at that.  A big congratulations Cheryl and Judi.