2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Foursomes Championship

It looked promising.........................starting with a beautiful sunrise.

Unfortunately the clouds came in with a constant drizzle just to add to the humidity and make the hair frizz πŸ˜‚. The further we soldiered on the darker the clouds became and, without warning, the heavens opened up and down it came with nowhere to hide or stay dry. Some ladies scrambled for wet weather gear some didn't bother.

By now the frizzy hair was a dripping messπŸ˜• and there was a mad dash for the clubhouse and this was not easy, the paths had turned to rivers and fairways a soaking muddy mess.
As we entered the club it was a sight of dripping hair, soaked clothes (including the underwear) shoes had been removed and jackets and shirts drying out over chairs.

It just wasn't meant to be so we will do it all again in September. This will please some if they weren't fairing too well in the wet. Others who played well will just have to bring their A game again in September.

Signing off feeling wet and wrinkly ✌⛳ and one must hang their wet clothes out to dry (and yes that includes the underwear)

Foursomes is on.

Foursomes is on today if rain develops it might  just be 18 holes.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Foursomes Championships 30/3/17

The Match Committee examined the course this afternoon and found it has recovered amazingly well. While there may not be a lot of run it is in good condition. It was decided the Foursomes Championships and Foursomes 18 hole comp will take place on Thursday. However... the forecast for Thursday is a little uncertain! Depending on what eventuates with the weather, check facebook or the blog on Thursday morning for any changes. Fingers crossed.
Reminder that anyone playing 27 holes can pre order a sandwich prior to hitting off, cost $5.50 at the pro shop and collect after 18 holes.

Friday, 24 March 2017


😒😒  Pennants for BOTH POOLS have been CANCELLED for Monday.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

23rd March Stableford & 2nd District Brooch- Vets Ball

Play Golf today they said........... so the keenest of the keenest headed out 15 in total πŸ˜ƒ
They sure were trying conditions. The images below pretty much summed up the conditions.

If you chose the colour white to wear today all I can say is thank god for NapiSan. 
However we all had a fun time with plenty of laughs. 

Results for today.............Mud 1 Golfer 0 πŸ˜†

Our winner for today was Sharon Harper (45)  with 35 points
   Runner up was                  Michelle Hughes (26) with 34 points

Signing off to go and clean my clubs ✌⛳

Amendment ☕️☕️☕️Coffee from 11 30am on.

If there is a comp today it will be with a very limited no of players. Bearing this in mind those of us who are not playing should meet at the Club from 11 30 onwards.

Course open, extremely wet πŸ’¦πŸ’¦☔️☔️☔️☔️

Due to more rain since last blog the course is extremely wet but is open for play today. At this stage many ladies have pulled out.  If you decide to play, bear in mind that there must be a minimum of 8 players to make it a competition.

If you decide not to play please come for coffee/lunch ☕️ around 1pm to get latest info on next week's competition and the start of the Pennants competition.  See you there!!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

GOLF 23 March 2017 .... To play or not to play

πŸ’¦At this stage golf will be on tomorrow.  The course is very wet but it will be Preferred Lie Thru the Greens.  Please be mindful of footwear - nothing slippery! Particularly watch out for the notorious 9/18th. The wood between path and grass verge to tee is very slippery! 

Please check this blog from 7am tomorrow morning if it rains overnight. ☔️πŸ’¦

If you choose not to play tomorrow it would be great if you could come in after golf as we have a number of items to inform you about. It would be good to see members of the Banksia Pennant team before their match on Monday.

We are still looking for participants in next week's Foursomes Championships either to play 27 holes or 18 holes whatever your heart desires ❣️

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Update to the Postponed Wyong Classic

 The Wyong captain rang ....the classic will be held on Thursday 4th May so we don't expect too many of our ladies to go. You can get a refund if required .... just  let Jenny Chapman  know and she will  arrange it..

  The other issue is that the 4th May is the Toukley visit to Breakers, which will reduce the numbers coming from there. May have to change that??  Will keep you posted.



The Wyong Ladies Classic and Wyong Shield -  have been postponed to a date to be advised 😞.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

No GOLF..............coffee it is then!

Rain didn't stop the ladies from a bit of socialising...........................11am and we descended on the club. No one needed an excuse to get out of the house as it was always going to be a better option then house work πŸ˜†

Just a reminder to any of the ladies who still want to play in the foursomes championships on the 30th March.
You can choose an 18 hole option or the normal 27 hole. Please contact Colleen or Jenny ASAP to be added to the draw. There are ladies needing a partner so no need to try and find a partner.

Fingers crossed we are back out on the course next Thursday...................
Signing of till next week ✋✌⛳

NO GOLF TODAY 16/3/2017

The course and pro shop are open but the  decision has been made to abandon the comp today as the  course is saturated, bunkers are out of play and more rain on the way. So coffee around 11am would be a better option.  See you there.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


A decision will be made by 6:45am tomorrow morning as to whether the comp will go ahead. Please check the blog for the decision. If there is no golf there is always coffee at the club 11-11:30am.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Ambrose, Team of 4, 9 March 2017

Many of us welcomed the fact that the greens had been cored and we could look forward to a fun team event. A field of 57 ladies took to the course in perfect playing conditions. Lynne Cattaway forged her place as a star team member by hitting the perfect gobbler from 113 metres out on the 7th!!  Fantastic shot Lynne! Run away winners for today were team members Sally Hopkins, Janice Adlard, Chun Kim - so good to have you back Chun - and Bronwyn Dwyer.  Full results were:

Net Winners
1st - Sally Hopkins (10), Janice Adlard (14), Chun Kim (23) and Bronwyn Dwyer (32) with the    fantastic score of 57 1/8
2nd - Charmaine Armbruster (31), Nancy Carey-Berryman (32), Gina Mesiti (31) and Marnie I'Anson (25) with 63 1/8
3rd -  Diane Ind (17), Shan Melverton (27), Alison Bone (28) and Mary Matthews (45) - 63 3/8

Gross Winners
Aiki Harrigan (16), Molly Russell-Smith (23), Viv Ball (26) and Peggy Searle (27) with a total of 75 shots.

Nearest the Pins

2/11th  Sally Hopkins.    4/13th.  Aiki  Harrigan.    15th.  Suzanne Connor

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Hawks Nest 2 Day Comp

Many of our ladies headed up the freeway on Sunday to Hawks Nest, but not before having a fix of coffee and pies at Heatherbrae  πŸ˜‹. After a quick unpack there was some serious shopping to be done at the Pro Shop with some ladies walking out with some very full bags and a smile on their faces.

Monday morning arrived and some pretty miserable rain welcomed us at the course. It didn't dampen our enthusiasm. Everyone encountered different conditions from heavy rain in the morning to very windy conditions in the afternoon.

The greens were very challenging, very quick and tricky to read and with all the rain they have had, it was hard to chip and run onto the green so a good high chip to land and sit was needed.

The fairways were in great condition and still gave quite a good run (as long as you took advantage and used them πŸ˜† rather than the tree route.)

After a well earned drink and dinner the ladies hit the dance floor and showed off their moves. WOW they know how to party!!! πŸ‘ This is all I can reveal because "What happens in Hawks Nest stays in Hawks Nest" πŸ˜‚

Tuesday morning came with more rain, wind, sunshine, wind, rain and more wind. πŸ’¨πŸ’¦πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜±πŸŒ‚☔ Heading back to your room for a rest and a shower gave you a second wind (no pun intended) before the presentation started. Some socialised while others caught up on the cricket. Our Breakers ladies had some great results over the 2 days as you can see from the results below.

Day 1

Div 2:   Anne Glance (23)  Gross winner 96

Stableford:   Carol Stratford (44)  3rd 32pts

Day 2

Div 1:  Anne Glance (22)  Nett Winner 72

Div 3:  Michelle Hughes (30)          Gross Winner 104
            Charmaine Armbruster (35) Won Nett 70
            Vickie Duesbury (34)           2nd Nett 76

Stableford: Di Rudd (38)        3rd with 33 points
                    Dee Barham (36)  4th with 32 points

36 Hole Winners

Div 2: Anne Glance (22) Winner Gross 190

Div 3: Charmaine Armbruster (35) Nett Winner 146
           Michelle Hughes (30)          Runner up Gross 218

Stableford: Dee Barham (36) 4th with 63points

Longest Drive: Lynne Cattaway and Kerry More

Raffle winners: Di Rudd, Susan Muna, Nell Spargo x2

Bring on next year ⛳

Signing of 😎✌


Thursday, 2 March 2017

2nd March Par Event

55 ladies in the field. The sun😎 was shining without a drop of rain to be felt,
The course was soggy in spots so not much run up to the green which had a lot of ladies calling I've only got one shot left...................so I better sink it 😁

So the Par event can be unforgiving...................with shots like the next I guess its a fair call!!
"mmm How do I hit it?"πŸ’­
Division 1
Winner: G Catanzarit +1   2nd: J Allard -1 c/b  3rd: L Strada -1

Division 2
Winner: Jan Hoban -1   2nd: Jeanice Gibson -2

Division 3
Winner: Mary Strada -1  2nd: Helen Ingle -4

Nearest the pin
Division 1                              Division 2                        Division 3
2/11:J Adlard                    2/11: J Gibson                   15: D Newman
4/13: J Allard
15:   D Ind                         15: V Duesbury

Wishing all the ladies heading up to Hawks Nest on Sunday a safe trip and have a great game on Monday and Tuesday.

See everyone next Thursday for our Team of 4 Ambrose Event

Signing off till next week ✌