2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Monday, 30 March 2015

Special Meetin regarding name change

Ladies don't forget we have our special meeting to vote on the name change for Terrigal Memorial Country Club Ladies Golf to Breakers Ladies Golf Wamberal on April 16th at 1.30pm upstairs in the Auditorium.  this meeting is similar to our AGM so you will need to have and show your current membership card when you sign in at the door and the doors will close at 1.30pm so please don't be late.  Judi Eaton President

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter Fun Day 2 April 2015

Members are reminded that for this event each person is required to bring 3 clubs and a putter. You are not allowed to share clubs with your partner.

Results Foursomes Championships 26 March 2015

There were 56 starters for today's event.  A great day weather wise for this 'once a year' event.

18 Hole Daily event

Winners.     Jenny Chapman and Lynne Cattaway off 26.5 with a nett score of 70.5
2nd.            Marilyn Armstrong and Gay Catanzariti off 14 with a nett score of 73 on a c/back
3rd.             Anne Glance and Deanne Curby off 29 also with a nett score of 73

9 Hole Event

Winner.      Cheryl Baker and Diane Ind off 10.5 with a nett score of 34.5
2nd.            Pam Crowe and Sandra Kunze off 14 with a nett score of 35

27 Hole Championships

Gross Winners.   Marilyn Armstrong and Gay Catanzariti with a gross score of 131
2nd Gross.          Cheryl Baker And Diane Ind with a gross score of 142

Nett Winners.     Jenny Chapman (21) and Lynne Cattaway (32) with a nett score of 107.25
2nd Nett.            Anne Glance (23) and Deanne Curby (35) with a nett score of 112.5

Thank you to Joan O'Connell, Mollie Chapman and Margaret Day for checking our result cards and writing up the board. Special thanks to Yvonne Brooker for acting as Runner.

Everglades Open Day

A great day was had by all the teams.  Lynne Cattaway,Veneice Higgins, Dee Barham and Colleen Henry came in second. Lynne Catterway got NTP.
And the team of Anne Glance, Jenny Chapman, Nell Spargo and Kerrie McInerney came in 5th. Kerrie McInerney getting the straightest drive.  

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Results Par Vets Ball 19 March 2015

54 starters took to the course for this Par event. The course was great with the putting greens back to normal after their seasonal coring.

Division 1.    Winner.  Kerry McInerney (21) with a score of plus 1 (1)
                      2nd.        Cheryl Baker (20) with a score of minus 1 (-1)

Division 2.    Winner.  Michelle Lee (29) with a score of plus 2 (2)
                      2nd.        Carole Mallyon (32) with a score of minus 2 (-2)

Division 3.    Winner.  Aileen Davis (39) with a score of minus 2 (-2)
                      2nd.       Mary Moore (38) with a score of minus 4 (-4)

Congratulations to you all!  Welcome back Carole Mallyon! Great game after a 3 month absence. How good is Aileen Davis!  A double knee replacement in early November and now playing like a young woman.  Perhaps we all need knee replacements!!!

Division 3 Pennants Team: congratulations to the following ladies who have been selected to contest the Division 3 District Pennant competition.  Michelle Lee, Susan Muna, Veneice Higgin, Judi Eaton, Cheryl Ledger, Peggy Searle, Viv Ball, Colleen Henry and Nell Spargo.

Good luck to both our Division 2 and Division 3 teams who will compete in their first game on 13 April and each Monday thereafter thru April and May into early June.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Away Games

Check out Golf NSW site and select "Events" and enter on calendar for the year. The events that some or all of us may enter are listed with JD in front of the event. By entering on the event name details of the event will come up or you may have to enter on the 'doc' item to see the entry form. You can fill in the entry form and enter and pay on line. Get your friends to join you too.

We're missing you

Hello to Philly Dalton and Terry Gardner. Best wishes to you both. We hope it is not too long before we see you again.

2015 Division 2 Pennants Team

Selectors have picked the Division 2 2015 Pennant Team. The eight member team is as follows:
Kerrie McInerney,  Mel Sheekey, Anne Glance,  Di Ind,  Cheryl Baker,  Jenny Chapman,  Sandra Kunze and Nareda Leary.  All Clubs on the Coast have entered a team in this division. These members will contest 9 games, with the first to be played on 30 March at Terrigal. Our ladies have the bye this day.  Our best wishes go with you all.

The Division 3 team will be selected in a few weeks. The first game for Division 3 will be 13 April. So play hard ladies, there's still time to impress the selectors!!

Results Stableford 2nd District Brooch 12 March 2015

Results of today's competition reflected how frustrating the putting greens proved to be just 1 week after coring.  Elaine Clarke was the exception with the highest score of 35 for the day.  Results were as follows:

Division 1:    Winner.   Cheryl Baker (20) 33 on a count back from
                      2nd.         Diane Connolly (24) 33, and
                      3rd.         Anne Glance (24) 32

Division 2:    Winner.   Elaine Clarke (32) 35 points
                      2nd.         Veneice Higgins (30) with 33 points on a count back from
                      3rd.          Lynne Howell (34) 33 points also

Division 3:    Winner.   Noela Hilbert (37) with 34 points
                      2nd.         Helen Ingle (39) with 32 points
                      3rd.         Deanne Curby (34) with 31 points

Nearest the Pins:          Division 1. 2/11. Judy Eaton and 15th  Molly Russell-Smith
                                     Division 2. 2/11. Nell Spargo and 15th Michelle Lee
                                     Division 3  2/11  Mary Matthews; 4/13 Jan Hoban; 15th Deanne Curby

Cheryl Ledger wins Division 3 of the Toukley Classic

The Toukley Classic was held over two days earlier this week. This is always a very popular tournament with ladies coming to play from near and far. There was a contingent from Lithgow, Sydney and of course all local clubs were represented. The Toukley Club run a very organised, friendly event. It is always a pleasure to arrive and be greeted with friendly faces and a great variety of home made goodies to either eat before you set off or to take with you on the course. Cheryl Ledger was our best performer playing consistently over the two days. She also won the straightest drive for Division 3 on the Tuesday. Sally Hopkins won the straightest drive  for Division 1 on Monday.  Thank you Toukley for two great days.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Donate to support Worlds Greatest Shave

this Friday evening at 5pm Nicki Henderson will be having her head shaved to raise funds towards beating cancer. Please support her fundraising efforts by donating tomorrow while you are at golf. Members of our men's golf will be colouring their locks for the same cause. Your donations will be much appreciated to aid research and finding a cure of the many cancers that are affecting our family, friends and fellow golfers.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

We're missing you!!!

Our very best wishes to June Flay, Louise Fowler and Margaret Day.  We hope that you are able to join us for lunch as soon as you are feeling up to it.

Results Team of 4 Ambrose 5th March 2015

What a ton of fun today's Ambrose event proved to be. A great event to compensate for the coring of the greens. 63 members enjoyed the great weather and course conditions. The efforts of the ground staff, together with 14 volunteers from the men's golf, were very apparent.

The winning team was Liz Stedman, Pam Cowin, Bev Milson and Marilyn Armstrong with a nett score  of 60 5/8; 2nd  was the team of Carol Stratford, Aiki Harrigan, Nancy Carey-Berryman and Yvonne Brooker with a nett score of 62 1/4; 3rd was the team of Anne Glance, Di Ind, Molly Russell-Smith and Charmaine Armbruster with a nett score of 62 5/8; and 4th was the team of Jenny Chapman, Kerrie McInerney, Nell Spargo and Deanne Curby with a nett score of 63 1/4.  Gross score winners with a score of 77 was the team of Viv Ball, Alison Bone, Chris Whalan and Norma Wilkes.

Nearest to the Pin Awards went to :

Division 1. 2/11 Di Ind, 4/13 Alison Bone and 15th Anne Glance
Division 2. 2/11 Cheryl Ledger, 4/13 Lynne Howell and 15th Pam Cowin
Division 3. 2/11 Yvonne Brooker

Notes from meeting:

April 30 4BBB Par Classic. Jenny explained that this event was the initial game to qualify for the final prize of a game at Bonville later in the year. If you wish to enter this event it will cost $5 each and you need a two person team. Make a note in your book and organise a partner.

Please also note that the Easter Novelty Day is a team of 4 event.

Terrigal Ladies do well at Hawks Nest

Terrigal Ladies enjoying Hawks Nest Ladies 2 Day Competition
More than 20 members attended the 2day tournament earlier this week at Hawks Nest. Not only did they have a wonderful time enjoying each other's company in a lovely, relaxed location, they made a significant impression on the golf competition. Kerrie McInerney was on fire winning both the Gross and Nett for Division 2 on day 2 as well as achieving a nearest to the pin. Just to top this off she also won a raffle prize of a meat tray!! Helen Ingle achieved 4th place for Division 4 on Day 1; Di Rudd won a prize for the straightest drive. Nell Spargo and Rhonda Boothman continued the good fortune with raffle prizes. You did us proud girls! Good on you all.