2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
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Friday, 23 September 2016

2BBB Stableford in conjunction with Singles 22 September 2016

Fifty six ladies enjoyed beautiful conditions until the heavens opened up and sent down a dumping for a couple of minutes. This wasn't enough to stop some very nice scores particularly from the Division 1 ladies. Nell Spargo topped the entire field today with Holly Akers, Mel Sheekey, Janice Adlard and Di Ind all scoring well.

Our Annual Pink Day is here again on 6 October. This day is organised by Nicky Henderson and is always lots of fun. This will be our first shot gun start for the summer times, so 7am for a 7 30 start. Arrange your team and organise your pink outfits and get ready to raise lots of money for this special day.

Reminder about our Annual General Meeting which is coming up on 13 October. This will also be a Shot Gun start at 7.00 for 7 30am. AGM will commence at 1 45pm upstairs.

Today's results were:

Division 1.   Winner.   Nell Spargo (25) with the great score of 39
                     2nd.         Holly Akers (6) with 37 points on a c/b
                     3rd.          Mel Sheekey (16) also with 37 points on a c/b

Division 2.   Winner.   Annette McInnes (29) with 36 points
                     2nd.         Michelle Lee (31) with 31 points

Divisiin 3.    Winner.    Barbara Holt (38) with 35 points on a c/b
                      2nd.         Gerda Mather (45) also with 35 points

2B in conjunction
Winners.      Mel Sheekey (16) and Holly Akers (6) with a score of 44 on a c/b
2nd.             Di Ind (20) and Gerda Mather (45) also with 44 points

Nearest the Pins.        2/11th.                   4/13th.                 15th
Division 1.           Holly Akers.          Mel Sheekey.        Holly Akers
Division 2.   Charmaine  Armbruster.          -                  Kath Porter
Division 3.   Yvonne Brooker.                     -                  Helen Ingle