2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
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Friday, 28 October 2016

Medal of Medals - Finish of continuous comp. 27 October 2016

The Spring Carnival continued yesterday with the best of the best competing for the Medal of Medals. This being the final round in the continuous competition for 2016 there was a big field to follow the champions including young, frisky fillies, a good field of more mature fillies complete with a few wiley old mares which can never be ruled out going by their vast experience and recent form. What a field, all biting at the bit, ready to jump out of the barriers.

The eager young filly from the Haines stable didn't disappoint galloping in with her best win ever 89 off the hoof and a runaway winner in the nett stakes with 63. This great ride means the filly from the Haines stable has taken out the 2016 Medal of Medals for Breakers. Watch this space - this filly from the Haines stable is really going places! She has both the talent and the desire to achieve her goals. The investors will come running when she is put out to pasture! Her next, and final event for the Spring Carnival will be her appearance at Champions Day on Next Monday. Put your money on this one!

There was plenty of competition from the more mature fillies in the field with each of the Collyer, Chapman and Harrigan stables boasting their fillies recorded the remarkable 84 off the hoof! Magic from these three. Talk about the crafty older fillies, coming up the back of the field came the mare from the Moore stables, a real stayer, who performed remarkably to come away with 64 nett! As stated previously never take these wonderful, experienced fillies lightly. There is one or two of them always in the mix.

Official results were as follows

Division 1.  Winner.  Monica Haines (26) with 63 nett!  Congratulations!
                    2nd.       Michelle Collyer (17) with a nett of 67 nett on a c/back
                    3rd.        Jenny Chapman (17) also with 67 nett
                    4th.        Aiki Harrigan (15) with 69 nett

Division 2.  Winner.  Elaine Clarke (33) with 69 nett
                     2nd.       Veneice Higgin (30) with 71 nett on a c/back
                     3rd.        Deanne Curby (33) also with 71 nett

Division 3.   Winner.  Mary Moore (42) with a fantastic 64 nett! Wonderful!
                     2nd.       Mary Strada (37) with 70 nett
                     3rd.        Nancy Chilman (39) with 71 nett

Gross Winner over the Field was Michelle Collyer with 84 on a c/back

Nearest the Pins.      2/11th.                      4/13th.                     15th
Division 1.           Janice Adlard.        Nell Spargo.          Sandra Kunze
Division 2.           Min Corner.           Kath Porter.           Shan Melverton
Division 3.           Yvonne Brooker.            -                     Bev Milson

Putting:  Jenny Chapman 28 putts, Shan Melverton 29 putts, Barbara Holt 31 putts