2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Melbourne has its Melbourne Cup, Terrigal has its prestigious Annual Stableford Shootout! Today was the day, a brilliant starting field saw ten well bred fillies exhibit their individual significant talents. Excitement was in the air as the field was led out by the tiny blonde filly from the Muna stable closely followed by the strawberry blonde filly from the Ball stable, then came the very calm filly from the Ingle stable, the Carey-Berryman stable was well represented with their capable filly as was the Jackson stable, though the rumour was that there may be some problem with this filly's leg not that it has been evident by her recent form. Moving down the field came the very talented filly from the Adlard stable closely followed by the eager, young filly representing the Haines stable - don't rule this one out! What a field with three more quality fillies representing the Harrigan, Armbruster and Glance stables.

The race for the coveted honour of Top Filly was off! A minor error of judgement saw the Carey-Berryman filly forced to retire early, closely followed by the Armbruster, Jackson and Harrigan fillies . The redirection in the course put the filly from the Haines stable off her race plan and saw her retire earlier than she would have liked. A really unfortunate error saw the demise of the highly competitive filly from the Ball stable followed by the retirement of the talented filly from the Glance stadium. You could feel the tension in the air as the final three fillies from the Muna, Ingle and Adlard stables headed for the winning post. Slight errors came from all three fillies with the Ingle and Adlard fillies able to hang on with the winning post in sight .. the race was really on now, the two fillies fought it out stride by stride only to finish in a dead heat!!! There had to be a Winner! The course manager ordered a re run of the last furlong, tension was running high, punters nervously urged their fillies on .. can you believe it!  Another dead heat!!! Can these fillies retain their composure to run another furlong? Both fillies led off to another brilliant start .... follow the race in pictures to see the eventual winner....
Our 10 Finalists.

On the edge of our seats - the competition was fierce.

Action from Helen one of  the 4 last standing players.   

Sue Muna

Janice Adlard

Ann Glance

Not all was bad when you were eliminated!!

Our President in the drinks cart.

Winners are grinners.

And the winner is Helen Ingle.