2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Stable ford Shootout 2017 Final



The field was HOT as was the weather. The eager fillies took to the course at a furious pace! Competition was fierce from the start with a triple chip-off at the first hole. The Davis stable was disappointed to withdraw their mare at this point. Up the hill for the run to the second, tension mounted with another triple chip-off. The young Mel Sheekey was second to go leaving a field of eight. one of the favourites out of contention.

The fillies headed down the third, with fillies headed in varying directions. The dreaded creek jump together with a wild shot left the filly from the Forde stable and her mount Debbie Lorking out from the field. Nareda Leary was really leading the field at this stage showing her fine quality. What a great pleasure to see Mon heading across to the 3rd green loaded with zooper doopers - Thank you Mon - those ice blocks gave everyone some relief from the heat!

Then there were seven. Onto the fourth with its hazards led to another triple chip off. Would the likes of the fillies Colleen Henry and Michelle Hughes be able to maintain their run after being involved in several chip-offs? Good bye to another one of the favourites, the filly from the Stibbard stable, Kerrie McInerney. Then there were six

Around the corner and on to the fifth challenge - Janice Adlard, Nareda Leary, Helen Ingle and Di Rudd were all running strong. Down to six. The field really settled down to serious mode. A hiccup at the start of the fifth decided the fate for the mare from the Newman stable, Helen Ingle. Then there were five.

Fillies headed down the sixth all headed in different directions still the leader Nareda calm and steady. This short run always a huge challenge to the fillies with the low handicaps. This involved yet another triple chip off and another runner was lost with Janice Adlard tripping in the chip off. Then there were four.

Nareda Leary, Colleen Henry, Di Rudd and Michelle Hughes headed down the 7th. Nareda still the strongest contender having avoided chip offs since the 1st. The fillies avoided water and trees to make it to the green. Nareda calmly passed the test and proceeded to the 8th. There was yet again a triple chip off with two fillies so close that the course manager had to get out the measuring stick. After a great run Di Rudd exited the race. Then there were three.

The young filly from the White stable Hughsie with nostrils flared bolted down the 8th and finished safe. The last hurdle onto the green left it down to putts. With head held high, Colleen Henry left the field and the steady Nareda continued on. Then there were two.

Heads down the race gained pace with the finish line in sight. Leary with poor shot from the tee left Hughsie with her nose in front only to hit her 2nd into the water. Both fillies made the green for 4. It came down to putts! Nareda 3 putted and Michelle 2 putts!

What a fight! Congratulations to all finalists - you all put in a great effort! Congratulations Michelle on a great fight all the way. Commiserations to Nareda on a great show of skill down to the wire. Huge appreciation for another job well done to Jenny Chapman, Tournament and Course Manager!! And what about those Caddies! Well done all!! A great competition! Now lets get out of this heat and celebrate!!!!!