2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
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Monday, 26 March 2018

Stableford 21/03/18

So apparently a bit of rain scares away most ladies from playing golf ☔. Seven brave souls tee'd off between 7.30 and 8am and yes we did get wet, and yes the greens did have lot of water on them at times, and yes my hair went curly from the wet. All this and still not enough ladies for a comp.................... Then alas Sally and Chun saved the comp for the day So for some it was game on and then we had some that couldn't handle being damp in places I can't mention but Im sure you get the idea 😁 Please find attached evidence of one young lady throwing in the towel and heading home for a warm shower.

Prize results:

Reminder for next weeks Easter Novelty Day:

Foursomes Championships:

The draw is now available for viewing.
Any ladies wishing to play in the 18 hole foursomes day event need to contact Colleen or Jenny to be added to the draw.
Any other changes please contact us as well

Colleen Henry

Finally the report for Kooindah's Open Day held last Friday.
The ladies from Kooindah put on lovely day. It was a four person team event which is always a fun day. This included nearest the pin, longest drives and of course Breakers favourite part of the day Raffles.

I would like to make special mention Colleen and Jenny both put in a massive first drive to get their names on the longest drive sheet for Div 1 and Div 2. Sure they might have been the first to tee off on that hole...................someone has to get the day started.😎

Results for the day:

We had Jan Portelli in the winning group with 3 ladies from Kooindah. Congratulations Jan.

Mel Sheekey and Chun Kim were in a group with another 2 ladies from Kooindah coming in 3rd.

6th Debbie Lorking, Vicki Duesbury, Kerry Moore and Jan Hoban
16th Judi Eaton, Bronwyn Dwyer, Michelle Collyer and Nareda Leary
17th Jenny Chapman, Colleen Henry, Kerrie McInerney and Michelle Hughes

Division 2 Michelle Collyer
Division 3 Bronwyn Dwyer

Longest Drive:
Division 2 Chun Kim
Division 3 Bronwyn Dwyer


Bronwyn Dwyer was a star winning 3 raffles but in good faith let them redraw 2 of them. She was quite happy with her $100 restaurant voucher.

Kerry Moore
Debbie Lorking
Jan Portelli
Jenny Chapman........... you probably will think Jenny has a new set of clubs next time you play with her as after winning a club cleaning kit which she never knew existed nor did she think you actually should clean your clubs.😂 No excuses now Jenny, you know when you get that spare time.......................mmmmm we could be waiting a while for her to crack open the kit!

On that note signing off till next time 😎✌⛳