2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Orders for new Club T-shirts

The last day to order and pay for your new Club Shirt is this coming Thursday, 17 December. Nicky will be placing the order on Friday 18th. Remember this is a 'once of' discounted price of $60 any future orders will be $65  ......   Don't miss the boat!

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Winners for 2015

Congratulations to all the winners for this season . A special mention must go to Deanne who had an amazing season and scooped the pool !!!!  Well done.  A big thank you to Jenny for the amazing job she does in organising such an enjoyable and well run event.  Thank you Jen.

Our winning pennants teams.

A worthy winner Deanne Curby with Monica Haines

The winners for 2015.

Christmas Party/ Presentation 2015

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas Countdown Stableford 3 December 2015

68 ladies all dressed in their Christmas gear made a colourful procession as they all headed to their allotted tees for the shotgun start of today's event. Of particular note were our Champagne Bubbles team who were even applauded by passing motorists on Willoughby Road! A fun atmosphere and perfect playing conditions set the scene for a great team event. Results were as follows:

Winners:   Aiki Harrigan, Viv Ball, Peggy Searle and Jeaneice Gibson. With 82 on a c/back
2nd.          Deanne Curby, Colleen Henry, Kerrie McInerney and Helen Ingle with 82
3rd.           Nicky Henderson, Rhonda Boothman, Min Corner and Di Ind with 78
4th.           Kath Porter, Jan Portelli, Aileen Davis and Charmaine Armbruster with 77 c/back
5th.           Jan Hoban, Suzanne Connor, Yvonne Brooker and Gerda Mather with 77 c/back
6th.           Elaine Clarke, Annette McInnes, Ronalda Arnott and Judy Scown also with 77
7th.           Gabriella Catanzariti, Jenny Chapman, Nell Spargo and Anne Glance with 76
8th.           Di Rudd, Margaret Thorpe, Jan Gee and Nola Hilbert with 75
9th            Lynne Cattaway, Veneice Higgin, Di Jackson and Di Connolly with 74

Nearest the Pins - over the Field on the 2/11th and 4/13th - were won by Anne Glance and Jenny Chapman and team - which happened to be the same team!

Our 'Christmas' rewards took place after the presentation. Our appreciation must go to Judy Eaton and Nancy Chillman for their efforts in shopping, wrapping and delivering such a wonderful array of gifts. All in all a wonderful day for all members of our golf club!

At the conclusion of the day Rex Gardner and Annie from The Haven School attended to receive our Club's donation of $1000 to this very special school for disadvantaged and misguided students in Years 7 and 8. It is wonderful to hear the contribution this special facility is making to many of our troubled young people. A very worthy cause for our support.

Don't forget next week for our Presentation lunch you are required to be seated by 11am. Your attendance from 10 30 would be great.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Stableford 26 November

45 super keen ladies braved searing heat conditions today to play golf! Quite a few called  it quits over the course of the day. In hindsight most of us decided that 38 degrees, with hot gusty winds to boot, is just too hot to be out playing golf! Thank you to Chas and Nikki for their care of those heat affected ladies who called into the Pro shop after their round. They were met with cold towels, ice water and concern. Having said that, there were some great scores as can be seen below:

Division 1.   Winner.    Judy Scown (23) with the great score of 41 points
                     2nd.          Cheryl Baker (21) with a score of 38

Division 2.   Winner.    Lynne Howell (31) with a score of 38
                     2nd.          Deanne Curby (32) with a score of 34 on a count back

Division 3.   Winner.    Di Jackson (44) with a score of 35
                     2nd.          Denise Newman (45) with a score 31

Nearest the Pins.         2/11.                  4/13.                     15th
Division 1.               Viv Ball.                -                           Judy Scown
Division 2.                Jeaneice Gibson.  -                           Jeaneice Gibson
Division 3.                Denise Newman  Denise Newman. Helen Ingle

Don't forget next week is our team Christmas event. Come dressed to celebrate Christmas.
Our Presentation Lunch is on the following week, 10th. Please arrive 10 30 for 11am start.
The following week, 17 December, is 4BBB match play practice 9 holes with the option of playing 18 if you wish. Ask a partner and put it on the list or let Jenny know. 24th December is 9 hole Stableford only.  Summer competition commences 7 January 2016 and will run for 5 weeks. There will not be any meeting afterwards, just a social gathering in bottom lounge area if you wish.

See you next week in your Christmas gear.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Stableford - Draw for partner

47 Ladies braved the heat to Compete in todays event

Winners  were Colleen Henry and Elaine Clark 70 on a C/b to Judy Scown and Margaret Thorpe
Coming in third place our newest member Sue Spencer with Suzanne Connor 69

1st place in the  Single  Stableford went to Lynn Howell on 32 with a score of 39
2nd place went to Jenny Chapman on 19 with a score of 37
3rd place went to Monica Haines on 34 with a score of 34

12 balls to 30 on a c/b

NTP 2/11 S Hopkins, Nancy Carey Berriman, Nancy Chilman
NTP 4/13 J Adlard, S. conner
NTP 15    A. Harrigan, Annette Mc Innes, Ronalda Arnott

Don't forget to purchase your tickets from Sally Hopkins for the Presentation Day/Xmas Lunch $25

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

South West Rocks Golf

Four couples from Breakers played in this very popular tournament. Continuing our promotion of Breakers Golf, Moya Allen came 2nd in Division 3 in the Stroke Competition with a nett score of 75!
Well done Moya

Friday, 13 November 2015

Christmas Celebration, Mens Golf Presantation

Please go to the link below for more information on how to book for the Christmas Golf Men's Presentation http://goo.gl/bs6T48 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Las Vegas Ambrose 12 November 2015

15 teams of 4 enjoyed a fun, stress free day today. Each team making the most of each member's best golf. The results were brilliant with the winning team actually paring the course with a gross score of 68! A score card well worth keeping Colleen, Jenny, Anne and Nell.

Winners:  Colleen Henry, Jenny Chapman, Anne Glance and Nell Spargo - nett score of 56 1/4
2nd.          Judy Scown, Lynn Howell, Sally Hopkins and Yvonne Brooker - nett score 61 1/2
3rd.          Monica Haines, Nancy Carey-Berryman, Dee Barham and Pam Cowin - nett 62 1/8

Gross Winners: Aiki Harrigan, Peggy Searle, Jeaneice Gibson and Viv Ball - gross 75

Nearest the Pins - Across the field:

2/11th - Sue Spencer.         4/13th - Colleen Henry.        15th. -  Monica Haines

Our Christmas Ham day is on 3 December - this will be a shot gun start. Organise your team ready to put your names into the computer next week.

Our Presentation Luncheon is on 10 December - tickets are $25 for members and $28 for social members.  Get your tickets from Sally Hopkins after golf next week or as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

CCWGA District Tournament

Well,  Breakers Wamberal were once again well represented in the winners circle with some very impressive results.  It was a two day event with a teams event on the Wednesday.

Monday at Everglades ........  Mel Sheekey r/up in Div 2 net

Tuesday at Wyong .........       Anne Glance r/up in Div 2 gross
                                               Jenny Chapman  r/up in Div 2 net

36 hole event (Mon and Tues)

Anne Glance was Champion of Div 2 Gross  ........    197 c/b
Jenny Chapman was R/up Div 2 Gross     ...........       197

Congratulations girls a fantastic result.

Wednesday  - Teams Event 

Morisset   Colleen Henry, Deanne Curby, Michelle Lee and Jeanice Gibson came 3rd   .....  82 pts

Shelly Beach  Aiki Harrigan, Kerrie McInerney, Lynne Cattaway, Veneice Higgin won a ball on 84pt

Raffle  .... keeping up the local tradition .....  Judi Eaton won 18 holes of golf at Magenta.  WOW.  

Friday, 6 November 2015

A Very Special Birthday.

 We all aspire to be as fit and well and playing18 holes of golf as you do Terry. A very Special Lady.
                               Happy Birthday from everyone at Breakers.  
Terry with two of our other wonderful ladies Margaret Mollneaux and Min Corner.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Melbourne Cup

Our very fashionable team  of Nicky Draper, Judy Eaton, Kerrie McInerney and Michelle Collyer came second in the Ambrose game played at Toukley on Tuesday.   A great fun day with our shirts summing up the day 'Life is flat without bubbles'.  True.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

80th Birthday

If raining tomorrow and you'r not venturing out on the golf course don't forget to come for morning tea around 11am we have a very special Birthday to celebrate.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pink Day 29 October

A sea of pink assembled outside the Pro Shop last Thursday morning to participate in our annual Fundraising day organised totally by our Pro, Nicky Henderson. Nicky had organised everything from 'go' to 'whoa'. Our game, cards, catering, sponsors, raffle, prizes, as well as running the entire day - all arranged in her usual efficient manner.  The game was played in teams of four with the two best scores multiplied, so it made for some interesting results! All the golfers enjoyed it immensely. After the game all players went into the club for sandwiches, donated by the Club's catering company.

Our President, Judy Eaton and her team of Incoming President, Cheryl Baker, Moya Allen and Colleen Henry blitzed the competition with a score of 118. Runners up with a very good score of 114 was the team of Nancy Chilman, Anne Glance, Charmaine Armbruster and Di Rudd. All participants went home with a prize ranging from sun glasses, to vouchers for Darrons Seafoods, Champagne, Wine, new Breakers ball markers, flowers and balls! Amazing! The lucky raffle winner, Annette McInnes, won the special edition 'Hope' set of golf clubs and bag, donated by Henderson Golf. Annette was the envy of many ladies present.

All in all a very enjoyable day. The most important thing was that this day raised $1602 for Nicky's efforts and our members participation. A wonderful result! Nicky's request is that the money go to some local area of breast cancer treatment that will improve treatment for our ladies. Your ideas and suggestions would be very welcome.

Club Champions Day at Toukley 2nd November 2015

Breakers Wamberal had some great results at Toukley on Monday with

Div 1 27 holes Nett winner      Sally Hopkins      Hcp   15      score    110.5

Div 2 27 holes Nett winner       Nell Spargo        Hcp   30      score  110

Div 3 27 hole Nett winner         Deanne Curby    Hcp   38      score   114

Senior Champions 18 Holes Div 3 Nett  winner   Deanne Curby   score  73

Women's Golf Medal 18 Hole Nett winner  Deanne Curby     73

Division 1 NTP was Sally Hopkins. 

What wonderful results from all you talented ladies, and an extra shout out to you Deanne " what a Champion".  Congratulations everyone. 
Nell Spargo
Deanne Curby

Monday, 26 October 2015

Stableford Shootout results

As can be seen from the photos below about 40 members enjoyed the inaugural Stableford Shootout today. The day actually began with a Gobbler Shootout between Janice Adlard and Sally Hopkins who had scored the same number of Gobblers throughout the 2015 competition. Sally and Janice each had three attempts of chipping the ball into the hole from off the green. Sally Hopkins was declared the Gobbler Champion as she landed her ball closest to the hole. Congratulations to both Sally and Janice.

Our ten Shootout Finalists nervously took to the first tee. Colleen Henry was the official Adjudicator for the day. Caddies were ready, Markers were ready and the gallery watched nervously too, feeling for each of the ladies. As each hole was completed, the player with the lowest number of Stableford points was eliminated, or in case of a tie, a chip off took place with the player closest to the pin continuing in the Shootout and the other player eliminated. To be eliminated meant that you were awarded a Yellow jacket, a glass of champagne, a prize and a ride to the next hole in the celebration golf cart with President, Judy.

One by one the players succumbed to the lure of the ride in the golf cart - Charmaine, Di Jackson, Ronalda, Di Rudd, Margaret, Sally. Annette survived a chip off on the 3rd and Michelle survived a chip off on the 4th. Michelle survived until the 7th and Annette was eliminated on the 8th. This left the final pairing of Cheryl Baker and Jenny Chapman to contest the 9th for the title of Stableford Shootout Champion. Tension mounted as both were tied at the finish of the 9th. A final chip off was required to decide the WINNER.  CHERYL BAKER, who had played brilliantly from Hole 1, struck the winning stroke to become STABLEFORD SHOOTOUT CHAMPION for 2015 with Jenny Chapman the runner up.

There were some nice little touches to today. Joan O'Connell arrived and gave each of the Finalists a small memento, individual caddies looked after their charges, the gallery cheered for each player,  and, as a fine gesture to players and gallery alike, Monica Haines saw how heat affected everyone was and bought out ice blocks for everyone.  It was a very special event showcasing our Ladies support for each other.  The afternoon was concluded with the final presentation to Jenny and Cheryl and a very nice afternoon tea.

Stableford Shootout 26th October 2015 In Photos.


The 10 finalists in the Stableford Shootout (L-R) Cheryl Baker, Di Jackson, Michelle Lee, Jenny Chapman, Ronalda Arnott, Annette McInnes, Margaret Thorpe, Charmaine Armbruster, Di Rudd, Sally Hopkins. 

The winning putt.

The Winner Cheryl Baker with the runner up Jenny Chapman.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Central Coast Women's Golf Assn 2016

At the Annual General meeting of the CCWGA held last Monday Anne Glance was elected as the District President and Jenny Chapman was elected as District Captain for 2016. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

Pink Day, our Breast Cancer Fundraiser, 29 October 2015

All is ready for this special day.  Nicky has planned a fun team event which will kick off with a shotgun start 7 for 7 30.  Please arrive with plenty of time to get to your nominated starting tee. Nicky has procured a great first prize of a Wilson Special Edition Hope set of golf clubs including bag for the raffle. Tickets will be $5 each or 3 for $10. If we all were to purchase $10 worth of tickets that would kick start the fundraising off with $600 approx. The cost for the day will be $20 with lunch of platters of sandwiches provided by the Club Caterers. Don't miss out on this important day. Phone the Pro Shop there are still plenty of places left.

Stableford Shootout Monday 26 October 2015

The Shootout Finalists are ready, their Caddies are ready, their markers are ready - all we need is supporters to give encouragement and make this day a ton of fun for everyone. The shootout Finalists will hit off at 12noon. So arrive in plenty of time to get in the spirit of the day. Afternoon tea in the Club will follow once the Stableford Champion is decided.

Stroke + Medal of Medals 22 October 2015

Today the 43 ladies who played experienced typical spring weather, a little rain, a bit of wind, some very hot sun followed by mild conditions, then a little bit of rain again! The course wasn't affected as can be seen by the good scores registered.  Denise Newman showed her prowess by scoring an Eagle on 14th (5th). She put the ball in the hole for 3!!! In Stableford terms, for her handicap, Denise would have scored 6 Stableford points!!! Outstanding Denise! Other results were:

Division 1.   Winner.    Nicki Draper (21) with a nett score of 65
                     2nd.         Sandra Kunze (23) with a nett score of 66
                     3rd.          Colleen Henry (27) with a nett score of 67

Division 2.   Winner.    Deanne Curby (34) with a nett score of 64
                     2nd.         Jan Hoban (33) with a nett score of 67
                     3rd.         Lynne Cattaway (31) with a nett score of 71

Division 3.   Winner.   Noela Hilbert (37) with a nett score of 69
                     2nd.        Ronalda Arnott (35) with a nett score of 71
                     3rd.         Carole Mallyon (35) with a nett score of 73

Winner of Gross across the Field was Marilyn Armstrong
Winner of the Medal of Medals was Deanne Curby

Nearest the Pin.   2/11.                         4/13.                          15th.          
Division 1.     Marilyn Armstrong.  Marilyn Armstrong.  Marilyn Armstrong
Division 2.     Pam Cowin.               -                                Nancy Carey-Berryman
Division 3.     -                                 -                                Gerda Mather

Best Putters:  Judy Eaton 27 putts, Nancy Carey-Berryman 30, Jeaneice Gibson 33

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Annual General Meeting, your new Committee for 2016

Forty-nine members attended our Annual General Meeting today.  Reports were submitted from your 2015 President, Judi Eaton; 2015 Captain, Jenny Chapman and 2015 Treasurer, Sally Hopkins along with Minutes from the 2014 AGM by 2015 Secretary, Helen Ingle.

Your Committee for 2016 were elected unopposed. They are

                 President.                   Cheryl Baker
                 Snr Vice President.    Helen Ingle
                 Jnr Vice President.     Nell Spargo
                 Secretary.                   Kerrie McInerney
                 Treasurer.                   Deanne Curby
                 Captain.                      Jenny Chapman
                 Vice Captain.             Colleen Henry
                 Handicapper.              Susan Muna
                 General Committee.   Nancy Chilman, Michelle Lee,
                                                     Charmaine Armbruster, Veneice Higgin

Special thanks were given to Judi Eaton who vacated the Committee after a total of 10 years commitment. Five years on the Committee in various positions and the last five years as your very hard working President. Our appreciation also to Sally Hopkins and Di Connolly for their hard work over several years.

Di Rudd will take on the role of Vets CoOrdinator from Janice Adlard.

Stableford 15 October and Stableford Shootout details

The nice early start on a glorious Spring day saw 51 ladies compete in this the last Stableford round to count towards the inaugural Stableford Shootout. The playing conditions were great with lots of run and fantastic greens. There were some fabulous scores making significant changes to the final qualifiers for the Stableford Shoot Out on 26 October.

Division 1.   Winner.    Jenny Chapman (21) with a score of 41 points
                     2nd.         Nicky Henderson (3) with 37 points on a c/b
                     3rd.          Nareda Leary (26) also with 37 points

Division 2.   Winner.   Veneice Higgin (30) with a score of 37 points
                     2nd.         Pam Cowin (29) with 36 points

Division 3.   Winner.   Di Rudd (40) with a score of 40 points
                     2nd.        Margaret Thorpe with 39 points

Nearest the Pins.         2/11.                       4/13.                          15th
Division 1.          Janice Adlard.        Cheryl Baker.            Kerrie McInerney
Division 2.          Deanne Curby.       Pam Cowin.              Terri Gardner
Division 3.         Jeaneice Gibson.            -                         Carol Mallyon

This is the list of ladies who scored the best Stableford results over the year to earn the honour of competing for the title of Stableford Shootout Champion:
Di Jackson 43; Jenny Chapman 41; Sally Hopkins 40 c/b; Di Rudd 40 c/b; Michelle Lee 40 c/b; Ronalda Arnott 40; Cheryl Baker 39c/b; Margaret Thorpe 39; Charmaine Armbruster 38 c/b; Annette McInnes 38 c/b.  Reserves are: Di Ind 38 and Kerrie McInerney 37c/b.

Players and spectators need to arrive at 11 40 for 12noon start on Monday 26 October. One  player will be eliminated each hole with the final winner decided on the 9th hole. Each player may organise their own caddy. The Committee will organise a marker for each player. A celebration afternoon tea in the club will complete what we hope will be a fun event.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pink Day at Morisset.

Charmaine, Margaret, Di and Di Rudd..
On Tuesday 13th October, 184 Ladies, from all over the coast, donned all things pink and headed to Morisset to enjoy a fun filled day of golf  and more importantly fund raising for breast cancer. As you might expect from such a large field the scores were very competitive but our team of Charmaine Armbruster, Margaret Thorpe, Di Laws and Di Rudd came a very creditable 4th.  Well done girls. We also had two raffle winners. 
The sea of pink at the luncheon.