2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Stroke Event


Some great scores today and we were lucky the weather held off.  Good luck to Michelle, Veneice and Lynne playing in the Challenge Cup at Gosford on Sunday.

Sunday, 9 June 2019


The recent rain and resulting puddles on our course brought up a few rule questions about Temporary Water (which is what Casual Water is called in the new rules).

Once again, the following  definition tells you a lot.

Any temporary accumulation of water on the surface of the ground (such as puddles from rain or irrigation or an overflow from a body of water) that is not in a penalty area, and can be seen before or after you take a stance (without pressing down excessively with your feet).

Rule 16 covers relief from Abnormal Course Conditions which includes Temporary Water, GUR and immovable obstructions.

Temporary water in the general area (formerly through the green)

Your reference point when dropping is the nearest point that gives you full relief. You must drop within one club length of the reference point and the ball must remain in the relief area.
Temporary water in a bunker.

You must drop, in the same bunker, using the nearest point of full relief as your reference point. If it is not possible to take full relief, you must drop using the nearest point of maximum relief still in the bunker.

Alternatively, for a one stroke penalty you may choose to drop outside the bunker using the reference line going from the hole back through where the original ball lay.

Sometimes there is temporary water on the putting green. You may take free relief as in the diagram.

Note 1: You cannot lose a ball in Temporary Water (or GUR). This means that if you can’t find the ball but you are virtually certain it is in the temporary water, you may drop another ball, as in the above examples, for no penalty.

Note 2: You cannot take free relief from Temporary Water in a penalty area.

Note 3: You cannot take free relief from Temporary Water if it is clearly unreasonable for another reason eg. It is deep in a bush which prevents you from hitting the ball.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Charity Day Hampers

Our Charity Day is fast approaching. It is to be held on Thursday 25th July. Please add this to your fixture book if you haven’t already done so.

The District charity for this year is Rose Cottage. This was selected by Wyong ladies and provides a variety of services and support for women in crisis.

As in the last few years, we hope you will consider donating a hamper of goodies to be raffled on the day. Perhaps you can get together with one or two others to put one of these together. Since  we hope to be able to contribute significantly to the District donations, the more hampers the better.

We also hope to have donations of cakes, slices, pickles and jams etc to sell on the day.

Please note that there will be a shotgun start. We will arrange for you to drop off any goods before play. The event of the day will be an individual stableford with a 2BBB in conjunction with all of your playing partners.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Despite the rain in the last few days, the course was surprisingly good, although there wasn't as much run as we've been enjoying. The scores reflected this.

Congratulations to Michelle Hughes, Sandra Nash and Denise Newman who are our Stableford Brooch winners for this year. They will join today's qualifiers in our District Charity Day team at Wyong on Monday 12th August.

Qualifiers from today are as follows: Jenny Chapman, Vicki Duesbury, Trace O'Meara, Aiki Harrigan, Sally Hopkins, Nell Spargo and Colleen Henry. Good luck ladies.

More good news...Janice Adlard has joined Sally Hopkins and Mel Sheekey in the CCWGA team to play in the inter-district Match Play against HRDGA at Cessnock on Wednesday 19th June. Congratulations and enjoy the experience.


Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Update for Thursday 6th June

There has been a lot of enquiries in regards to comp tomorrow........ short answer YES we are playing 😀

There is also an update to divisions as from tomorrow these are the new ones:

DIV 1 0-26
DIV 2 27-33
Div 3 34+

Saturday, 1 June 2019



If you lose a ball or hit it out of bounds, your only option is to replay the stroke from where you last played.  When this happens, it could mean you have a long walk back to the original spot.

So, if you hit a ball into an area where it may be hard to find, or may be out of bounds, to save time in case you don’t find your ball, it is a very good idea to hit a provisional ball before you go forward to look for the first one.  This is often appropriate at Breakers, especially on 5th and 6th.

It is important to announce that you are “hitting a provisional” or that you will “hit another ball in case you can’t find the original.” (Otherwise you are abandoning your first ball and putting another ball into play for a one stroke penalty.)

If you don’t hit your provisional as far as where you believe your original ball to be, to save time, you may continue to play the provisional ball until you reach the area where you can start looking for the original ball.

If you find your first ball, the provisional is immediately cancelled, shots with it do not count and you must no longer hit it. The original ball becomes the ball in play.

If you don’t find your original ball within 3 minutes of starting to look for it, it is a lost ball so the provisional ball becomes the ball in play.
Alternatively, if you think your ball is in a terrible place and you would rather hit your provisional, if you continue to hit your provisional from a point past where the original ball is estimated to be, then the provisional ball becomes the ball in play.

If you finish the hole with your provisional ball, you must count the shots made with the original ball plus the shots made with the provisional, and add a one stroke penalty.

NOTE: You cannot hit a provisional if you think your ball is lost in a penalty area. In that case, you must use the penalty area rules. DIAGRAM 18.3c: PROVISIONAL BALL PLAYED FROM SPOT NEARER HOLE THAN WHERE ORIGINAL BALL IS ESTIMATED TO BE

A player’s original ball played from the teeing area may be lost in a bush, so the player announces and plays a provisional ball, and it comes to rest at point A. As point A is farther from the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be, the player may play the provisional ball from point A without it losing its status as a provisional ball. The player plays the provisional ball from point A to point B. As point B is nearer the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be, if the player plays the provisional ball from point B, the provisional ball becomes the ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance.




A player’s original ball played from the teeing area may be lost in a bush, so the player announces and plays a provisional ball, and it comes to rest at point A. As point A is farther from the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be, the player may play the provisional ball from point A without it losing its status as a provisional ball. The player plays the provisional ball from point A to point B. As point B is nearer the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be, if the player plays the provisional ball from point B, the provisional ball becomes the ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance.


Friday, 31 May 2019

Archibald Prize

Hi Ladies,

As mentioned yesterday, a group of our lady golfers has arranged to travel to Sydney by train on Friday 5th July to see the Archibald Prize exhibition. We will then have a picnic lunch (byo picnic) in the gardens.

All ladies are welcome to join us.        

Train details etc will be advised closer to the date.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Although it was a very chilly start, conditions were good, with lots of run and not too much wind.

Scores are starting to rise, with quite a few ladies finishing with 36 points today.

Congratulations to one of our new ladies, Leone Hajduk, who scored a personal best of 27 points. We look forward to seeing you each week now that you are in the mix! Next step- win a ball.

SHIRT ORDERS reminder-- Please contact Michelle or Bronwyn TODAY if you haven't already ordered as orders are being placed tomorrow. Please ensure your bank transfer has been completed if you indicated you are paying online.

See you all next week for the qualifying for the District Charity Day


Sunday, 26 May 2019

Where to drop out of a red penalty area

Do you know all your options when you drop out of a red penalty area? Are you dropping in the correct area? This has changed in the new rules so check below...

Option 1:  Stroke and distance relief means you can play the original ball or another ball from a relief area near where you played the previous shot. If you played from the teeing area, you can replay from anywhere within the teeing area. If you played from the general area, you must drop within a one club length relief area, no nearer the hole. If you’ve putted from the green into a penalty area (I’ve seen it happen on the 4th at Everglades!), you can replace the ball on the spot from where you played the previous shot.

Option 2: Back on the line relief. Here you may drop the original ball or another ball in a relief area based on a reference line going from reference point X, where it last crossed the edge of the penalty area, to the flag. Imagine this line and you can go back as far as you like on the line. Sometimes, such as on our 3rd, you may choose this option so you can get a good lie on the fairway. You select a point on that line and drop within a one club length relief area. The ball must finish within this relief area.

Option 3: You may take lateral relief. This is often the best option at Breakers in places such as the side of the 8th and 9th. If you choose this option, you must note the reference point X, which is the estimated point where the original ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area. The relief area is measured from this reference point on the edge of the penalty area. You must drop your ball within two club lengths of this reference point and it must finish within this relief area, ie within two club lengths of where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area.

As discussed regularly, the local rule on our 4th hole allows you to drop on the opposite side of the penalty area but again, you must note the reference point X where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area, then select the point equidistant from the flag on the opposite side. You must then drop the ball within two club lengths of this point and it must finish within this relief area ie, within two club lengths of the edge of the penalty area.

The original shot must be counted plus a one stroke penalty no matter what option you choose.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

In unseasonably beautiful autumn weather, a field of 58 ladies competed in the 4Ball Par event today. This will hopefully be the qualifier to play in the district Gwen Thompson Shield later in the year, with the first four teams eligible.

Results are as follows....

There was a great response for shirt orders today. Thanks everyone. Those that took a form, please return it next Thursday with payment. Anyone yet to order, please contact Bronwyn on 0423 505 326 or Michelle on 0400 378 855

If you know of anyone who is away, please let them know as the order will  be finalised next Friday, 31st May. Don't miss out!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

New Breakers Ladies shirt

We are pleased to confirm that the Committee has selected our new shirt which will be manufactured by Corsican. We have been able to secure a brand new design for the 2020 Summer season which will be exclusive to Breakers team shirt. We are very pleased with the prices we have negotiated. We will have a sample of the fabric on show after golf on Thursday. We have attached the sample  below.Please keep in mind colours on computers will give a slightly darker shade.
We are able to order 4 different styles. The sleeveless, cap and short sleeve will have a choice of sports collar or mandarin collar. The long sleeve will only come in the mandarin collar. The zipper will be white.

The tops will be embroidered with the club logo. The shirts will be our Club and Pennants team shirts.

The total cost to you is listed below :

Cap Sleeve- $57
Short Sleeve- $57
Long Sleeve- $60

In order to secure the print and prices we need to place an order by Friday 31st May.

This Thursday we will have sample sizes and styles for you to try on. We have attached a catalogue so you can see the styles and collars.

Deanne and Vicki will be ready to take your orders this Thursday and next Thursday. This is happening quickly as you can see the prices are great hence we would like to get onto it ASAP to look after all you ladies.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Final Round of Pennants

Good news and bad news again from our Pennant teams today.

Wattle played Toukley at Shelly and came away with the win 4-3. This meant they ended up  equal third behind Kooindah  and Everglades.

Our Banksia team were in with an overall winning chance at Everglades against Gosford. Unfortunately, it was not to be, with Gosford spoiling the party by winning 4-3. In the end, Morisset beat Toukley 5.5 to 1.5 to be clear winners of the pool with Breakers second.

This also means that Morisset win the Margin Shield. At least they go out with a bang!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Thursday 16th May Stroke

Congratulations to all the winners today, particularly Nancy Chilman who was the only one to break 70. Once again Nareda Leary putter extraordinaire came to play!!!!


All the best to Pennant Teams for Monday's games.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Pennants Report

Big Congratulations to the Banksia team on their 4-3 win. Very tough battle for all. Judi Eaton luckily didn't realise how much pressure was on her because the team waited for 45 min for her result and thankfully she came up the 18th and won the hole.

Unfortunately the Wattle team lost 6-1!!!! Thanks Bronwyn for saving us for one point.

Good luck to those playing at Gosford tomorrow, less pressure more fun.

See you all on Thursday.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Thursday Stableford 9/5/19

No this is not a repeat of last week ........ Michelle Hughes won again.  Congratulations to Judi Eaton and Denise Newman who took out their divisions and all our other winners.

A very special happy birthday to Jan Gee, who was delighted with the Australian native flowers.

Good luck to our Pennants Teams for Monday, finger, toes, arms, legs and everything else crossed.

Loving our new tee, some sensational models demonstrating their swing!

Happy Mothers Day.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Upcoming Away Games

There are quite a few away games in the next month or two as below. See Nell if interested.

Kurri  Ladies Open Day  Monday 3rd June

Team of 4 Split six Stableford
Shotgun Start 8.30 for 9am
$30 per player includes pre-ordered lunch

2019 Hunter River District Championship..Monday 17th June, and Tuesday 18th June.

Due to Cessnock going into receivership, the first day of this tournament, Singles, is now at Hunter Valley Golf Club.
Day 2, Foursomes, is at Cypress Lakes.
$45 per day includes compulsory shared cart.

CCWGA Seniors Day at Toukley on Monday 1st July

18 holes Stableford. 50+, 60+, 70+ and 80+  $20 a head. First entries will be sent this week to make sure we don't miss out as it is filling fast.

CCWGA  Foursomes at Gosford on Monday 22nd July.

18 hole 4somes Stroke played in two divisions. $20 per person

Pennants 6th May

More good news from both Pennant teams today.

At Shelly, our Banksia team had a great 5-2 win over Toukley.

Meanwhile, our Wattle team squared with Shelly Beach at Toukley.

This means we are both still in with a chance with two rounds to go.

Highlight of today was Mel Sheekey's win over Yvonne Boardman. With Yvonne on 1 and Mel on 18, Mel got a shot on every hole except the 1st.
Yvonne assures us she played really well herself but Mel had so many pars that she won on the 13th! A fantastic result!!

Next Monday, Banksia have a tough match against the front runners, Morisset, at Magenta.
Wattle plays at Morisset versus Everglades. Good luck everyone.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Crow Rule

So thanks to our new crow friends we have to be aware of the following rule...

Rule 9.6 Ball Lifted or Moved by Outside Influence

If it is known or virtually certain that an outside influence lifted or moved a player’s ball:

There is no penalty , and

The ball must be replaced on its original spot (which if not known must be estimated)

This applies whether or not the player’s ball is found.

So this is what you would do if you saw a crow take your ball.

However, you can’t assume that this is the case. It must be known or virtually certain. For example, if you hit the ball into the rough or over a hill and it can’t be seen, even if crows are around, you don’t know for sure that a crow took it, it may simply be a lost ball. 

On the other hand, if you and your marker quite clearly saw a ball finish in the middle of the fairway, saw a crow flying nearby and then your ball was no longer there, then you may be virtually certain that the crow took it.

So, it is very important to keep an eye on your ball if you know crows are around and maybe send one or two players ahead to try to ward them off!
Note also, that this rule applies if any of the following other outside influences takes your ball...any person(including another player) except you or your partner or opponent, any animal (eg dogs) any natural or artificial object, such as another ball striking it or a truck or a buggy running over it). It does not include natural forces such as wind.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Foursomes Championships aka Day of the Crows

Congratulations to all our ladies who made it through our 27 hole foursomes championships.  We had two seasons in one day.... predominantly summer bucking against historical trends.  The course was in magnificent condition.  With  the rough living up to it's reputation!

This crow did not get a ball today:

This one did!!!

Special congrats to Sally and Janice, who defended their title in true champion style.

Good lucks to our Pennants teams for Monday.  Happy golfing xxx

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Foursomes Championships

We will have sandwich orders for tomorrow. They will be ready for pickup after 18 holes from the Pro Shop. Nicky also will take Pie and sausage roll orders.

Please read the white board on arrival and go out and have fun. 😎⛳

Monday, 29 April 2019

Pennants 29 April 2019

Another great day of Pennants golf on the Central Coast.  Congratulations to our Banksia team who against all odds came away with a 4-3 victory over Everglades.  Against all odds because our girl Jenny Chapman had to battle against a lady who holed out... yes that is right a hole in one!!

We hosted the Wattle round at home today.  Everyone was appreciative of our fine baked treats and the condition of our course.  A great day had by all.

See you Thursday for the Foursomes xxx

Friday, 26 April 2019


Here's a rule that has come up quite a bit lately. The three minute limit for looking for a ball does make a difference here. A quick look at your watch might help.

By definition, a lost ball is a ball that is not found in three minutes after the player, her caddie or partner begins to search for it.
If you think a ball might be lost, to save time, you may choose to hit a provisional from the same spot, making sure you state that you are “hitting a provisional”.
When a ball is lost, and you have not hit a provisional, your only option is to go back to where you hit the previous stroke and play from there for a stroke and distance penalty of one.

NOTE 1:  If you have looked for the full three minutes and are on your way back to hit another ball and the original ball is found, it is still deemed to be lost and therefore it is a wrong ball and must not be hit. If you hit the original ball, you must correct your mistake or you will be disqualified in stroke play, wipe the hole in stableford and par, and lose the hole in match play.
NOTE 2: A player may not declare her ball lost. A ball is lost only when it has not been found within three minutes. For example, a player searches for her ball for two minutes, decides it must be in a place she doesn’t like and so declares it lost, then walks back to play another ball. Before the player puts another ball into play, the original ball is found within the three minute search time. Because a player may not declare a ball lost, it is not a lost ball so the original ball must be played.
NOTE 3: If you have had a quick look for your ball, gone back and, before the original ball is found, hit another ball from the previous spot, this ball becomes the ball in play, even if the original ball is found within the three minutes.
NOTE 4: Sometimes, rather than hitting a provisional, if your ball is in an obviously unfavourable position, you might choose to put another ball into play without even going to look for the original ball, again under stroke and distance penalty of one. In this case, you don’t need to announce anything. The fact that you have played another ball is enough.
NOTE 5: Some clubs, eg Shelly Beach, have brought in a local rule with extra options for a lost ball but we have no Local Rule for this at Breakers. Always read the Local Rules board when you visit other courses.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Easter Fun Day

What a fun day, lovely weather, good company, course improving and lots of laughs.

Happy Easter to all.

See you in two weeks time for the Foursomes Championships. Please note that there may be a few time changes so keep an eye on the draw in case your time alters.

Anyone who would like to play in the 18 hole event, please get in touch with Colleen. Similarly, anyone who needs to cancel must let Colleen know.

See photos below of today's champions.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Easter Fun Day

Hi Ladies,
Just a reminder for our Easter Fun Day this Thursday 7:30am shot gun for 8am tee off. It is also suggested you take advantage of the sandwich order as it will be quite busy at end of play.

We will also be having our Easter Raffle with lots of great prizes.  Tickets are $5 for 3 or $10 for 8 tickets.

If you are not playing golf you might like to join us for lunch and raffles around 12:30pm.

Happy golfing see you Thursday.

Monday, 15 April 2019


Terrific news again today with both our teams in the winners circle.

Wattle played at Everglades against Wyong and came home winners 4.5 to 2.5.

Banksia played Magenta at Gosford and won 4-3.

Congratulations to all players for your fantastic efforts.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Stroke, Monthly Medal 11th April

The course is looking much better, even the new fence was shining in the sun today. Next time you play make sure you read the new Local Rules Board located on your way into the Pro Shop. There were some great scores today, both high and low.
Good luck to the Pennants players on Monday, at Gosford and Everglades. Fingers crossed for good weather.
To those ladies who have put their hands up to play in the Mixed Foursomes on Saturday, good luck and try to enjoy the new aspects of the course which will be revealed.


Monday, 8 April 2019

Pennants 8th April


Fantastic news from Kooindah today with our Wattle team defeating Morisset 4-3. Congratulations girls. Hopefully the first of many.

In the Banksia pool, Breakers hosted the other clubs. Many thanks to those who provided the morning tea, which was particularly noted as being most impressive. Unfortunately, we had an extra hazard or two to contend with.....see pictures!

The course wasn't too bad but the heat was a problem for many. Scores were very close in all matches.


Thursday, 4 April 2019

Stableford 4th April

It was hard work out there today following over 100mm of rain during the week.

A few clever ladies seemed to have played a different course as the scores indicate.
Special mention must go to Michelle Hughes, who continued her outstanding form with a brilliant 40 points!!!

Entries for Mixed Foursomes (13th April) must be done by Monday. The form is in the pro shop and some men are crying out for women so go and check them out!!!

Entries for our Ladies foursomes (27 holes on 2nd May) are also being  taken. If you haven't organised a partner yet, you have until 18th April (Easter Novelty Day). Also, please note that there will be an 18 hole event on Foursomes day if you would rather play in  that.

Good luck to our Wattle Pennant team for Monday at Kooindah against Morisset.

Fingers crossed for no more rain at Breakers as the Banksia Pool will be playing here.


Monday, 1 April 2019

Pennants Round 1

Banksia today played Shelly Beach at Toukley. Most matches were closely contested, with two wins and two draws. Unfortunately, this meant we just lost 4-3. A great effort from everyone.

Wattle played at Wyong against Kooindah. This was tough competition against the current holders. We eventually went down 5-2. Warming up for next week!

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Monday, 25 March 2019

Pennants and Easter Novelty Day info

Pennants Practice

Due to bad weather this couldn't go ahead today. We have spots booked for 2.30pm on Wednesday. Please let Colleen know if you intend on joining us.

Pennants Meeting Thursday

Forecast is not great for Thursday. If play is cancelled or you don't play please check blog for updates as we will need to meet with as many pennant players as possible

Information on how to play:

Today’s event is a Team of 4 --- COUNTDOWN STABLEFORD---3 scores on par 5s, 2 scores on par 4s and one score on par 3s.
Please only enter these scores on the card and pick up if you can’t beat your partners.
THE “NOVELTY” IS THAT ON ALL PAR 4s and PAR 5s, each team will use an AMBROSE START. This means that on those holes, you select one tee shot and ALL players play their next shot from there. You then all continue as four separate individual stablefords, counting the Ambrose start as everyone’s first shot. The catch is that you need to use each player’s tee shot at least twice.  You must record whose tee shot you use.
Note: Par 3s are played as usual....no Ambrose start.
Nearest the Pins are on 2/11 and 4/13 both first shot only and no divisions...team to get prize.
Nearest to Snake Line is on 8/17, team to get prize.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Wyong Ladies Classic Friday 22/03/19

A great Wyong Classic for 2019. A little wet under foot and steamy everywhere else!!!
Congratulations to Jill Lavery who took out 4th in the longmarkers and Sally Hopkins for her nearest the pin in First Division.
Surprisingly no raffles 😂😂

Pennant Practice

Hi Ladies,

We have arranged two times next week for anyone who is interested in a 9 hole Match Play practice for pennants, either as a refresher, or for those new to Pennants.

Times are  Monday 25th at 10.30am and Wednesday 27th at 2.30pm.

Please let Colleen know (0412 411 721) if you plan to attend so that groups can be organised.



Thursday, 21 March 2019

Stroke Monthly Medal

Stroke today was hard work, particularly because of the dew and recent rain. Our scores reflected this. Congratulations to those who managed to master the conditions.

The renovations to the first tee have commenced and a temporary tee is around the corner for the next 6 weeks or so. Please make sure you know your group and the group in front to avoid delays.

Remember to get your team of 4 together for the Novelty Easter Event. More details next week.

Good luck to all those ladies playing at Wyong tomorrow.https://portalpreview.micropower.com.au/breakerscc/competition/prizes?CompetitionId=116119

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

St Patrick’s Day Jolly Joker at Gosford 19/03/19

Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Jolly Joker at Gosford. All you need is a little bit of Irish luck - which rollled the way of Sally, Michelle, Chun and Bronwyn, taking out first place and best dressed.
Nancy Carey-Berryman and Yvonne Brooker taking out raffle prizes.

Saturday, 16 March 2019


DEFINITIONS      RULE BOOK  page 135-148.

At every rules course I’ve ever been to, the first and most important statement goes something like this.....”If you read nothing else in the rule book, read the definitions. You will learn a lot!”

In the new rule book, the definitions are, unfortunately, hidden at the back, starting on page 135. It is worth checking them out every so often.

Here are two that have caused concern in recent weeks.

1.       The teeing area. This is the area you must play from at the start of each hole. The teeing area is a rectangle that is two club-lengths deep, where the front edge of the rectangle is the line between the forward-most points of the two tee markers and the side edges are defined by the lines back from the outside points of the tee-markers. (It does not mean the whole raised teeing ground.....the rest of this is in the general area.)

2.       The general area (formerly “through the green”). This is the area of the course that covers all of the course except the other four defined areas as follows 1. the teeing area of the hole you are playing, 2. all penalty areas, 3. all bunkers and 4. the putting green of the hole you are playing. All other teeing locations and all other greens are part of the general area.

There is no specific mention of fairway and rough in the rules. They are both part of the general area, but you will see reference to these areas in local rules such as the preferred lie rule.

 At Breakers, we usually have preferred lies on fairways only. In this case, you may prefer your lie if your ball lies on the fairway. However, if you are close to the edge of the fairway, there is nothing to stop you from preferring onto a nice lie just in the rough as the rule states that you can prefer onto any part of the general area.

Similarly, we occasionally have preferred lies in the general area (formerly through the green). In this case, if you are just in the rough, you may choose to prefer your ball onto the fairway.

Note: Occasionally you will see that the preferred lie local rule at other clubs is more restrictive eg. If on the fairway, you must prefer onto the fairway but this is not the case at Breakers.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


This is always a highlight and, once again, word spread like wildfire. All reports suggest it looked like going in the hole from the moment she hit it!! Is she on a roll or what? This follows up two outstanding days at Toukley, where Michelle was the overall nett winner for Division One for the 36 hole event. What a week!!

Considering the weather forecast, we were very lucky to even be out there today and managed to finish without getting wet.


Monday, 11 March 2019

Penalty Areas

PENALTY AREAS                RULE 17

Although we now only have red penalty areas at Breakers, you need to know the rule for Yellow penalty areas as well in case you come across one at another course (eg Toukley) so...

Relief for ball in Yellow Penalty Area  (this has not changed!)

1.       Stroke and distance relief.  Go back and hit from where you played the previous stroke for a one stroke penalty (One club length relief area from the original point in the general area)

2.       Back on the Line relief.  The reference line is the line from where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area to the flag. You may go back as far as you like on the line. (One club length relief area from the chosen point in the general area)

The above two options are also available for all Red Penalty Areas (this has also not changed!)

For Red Penalty Areas there is still this additional option

3.       Lateral relief. You may take two club lengths relief from the reference point, where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area. It must not be nearer the hole. 

As an example, on our 3rd hole, you may sometimes prefer to use option 2 above as that may take you back to a good lie on the fairway whereas you might get a poor lie if you choose to drop using option 3.

It is important to note that you can no longer take relief on the opposite side of a red penalty area, UNLESS there is a local rule allowing this option. This is the case on our 4th hole.

You can drop on the fairway side even if you didn’t cross on that side BUT....NOT WHERE IT FINISHED!!!   You must estimate the point on the opposite side that is the same distance from the flag as the point where your ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area and drop within two club lengths of that point, no nearer the hole.

NOTE: Changes when dropping. As well as dropping from knee height, another very important change when dropping is that the ball must finish within the relief area. It can no longer roll two club lengths out of the relief area.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR RULE BOOK (RULE 17 page 104) for further information and diagrams.

If you still aren’t sure, please ask for clarification as these rules come up just about every time we play at Breakers so it is important for us all to know the correct procedures.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Hawks Nest Results

Wow! Breakers made their presence felt, in more ways than one!

Golf results as follows:

Day One

Division 2  Patti Beattie Gross Winner 94

Division 3  Roz Fuller 3rd  37  Chris Baddack  4th 36c/b

Division 4  Carole Mallyon 1st  42    Jan Gee 3rd   39  Nancy Carey-Berryman  5th 37c/b

Day Two

Division 2  Nell Spargo Gross Winner 92

Division 3  Julie Taylor  Winner 38    Jan Hoban 2nd  37c/b

Division 4  Di Jackson  3rd 38  Carole Mallyon 4th 36c/b

Longest Drive Div 4 Di Jackson

Straightest Drive Div 3 Vicki Duesbury

Two Day Event (36 holes)

Nell Spargo  Runner up in Nett  140c/b

Carole Mallyon  Winner Stableford  78    Julie Taylor  4th

Fantastic results ladies. Congratulations to all the winners including the many ball winners and raffle winners, too numerous to list!!

Well done to everyone else who enjoyed the two days and ensured that everyone knew Breakers were there. (All 41 of us!)

Saturday, 2 March 2019

New Rule relating to Teeing Area

Here’s an interesting new rule which came up last Thursday. This detail is only available in the full rules so I am copying it here for all to see.

Rule 6.2b(6)/1 –Ball That Comes to Rest in Teeing Area Does Not Have to Be Played as it Lies.

Any time a player’s ball is inside the teeing area, the player may move the ball to another spot within the teeing area, and may play it from a tee without penalty.

For example, a player makes his or her first stroke from the teeing area, barely making contact with the ball, and the ball either comes to rest on the ground within the teeing area or remains on the tee.

Since the ball is in the teeing area, the player may play the ball as it lies or, even though the ball is in play, may move the ball to any other spot within the teeing area and play from there without penalty. The player may also place the ball on a tee or adjust the height of the tee the ball is resting on.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Stableford 21st February

It didn't look promising this morning but, after a few showers, it proved to be a lovely day for golf. 
Only 28 ladies played so there was only one division. 
Some will be sorry to see the end of our temporary greens, but most are looking forward to tackling the new greens from Saturday onwards.https://portalpreview.micropower.com.au/breakerscc/competition/prizes?CompetitionId=114897

Thursday 21st Feb

Morning all. Due to bunkers out of play the comp will not go to golf link. Comp will still go ahead if we have enough players. Fairways are fine and greens are draining.

Monday, 18 February 2019

District Opening Day Shelly Beach

The District Opening Day was held at Shelly Beach today with a huge field of 180 ladies. As always Breakers was well represented.
Congratulations to our Breakers ladies:

5th Place: Chun Kim
                 Mel Sheekey
                 Bronwyn Dwyer
                 Michelle Hughes

6th Place: Jenny Chapman's team

10th Place: Sally Hopkins team

Charmaine Armbruster 2nd shot on the 13th for NTP

Friday, 15 February 2019

Thursday 14th Feb Stroke

It was a tough day in the rough, firstly you had to find your ball then try and get it out 😂


See everyone at Shelly Beach for Opening day on Monday.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Thursday 14th February Golf

Hi Ladies,

The club has been informed that water will be disconnected for approximately an hour prior to 9am this  Thursday,14th February. (Happy Valentines Day).

After extensive discussion, we have decided that the competition will go ahead as planned. However, be aware that there may be no toilet facilities prior to your hit off time. A last minute toilet stop at home may be advisable!

All players will have access to the toilets after nine holes. If these arrangements are of concern to you, you may like to change your time to between 9 and 9.15.

Please spread the word about this to anyone who may not see this information.

See you Thursday.

Ladies Committee.