2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Las Vegas Ambrose

It was a lovely day for golf today and there were some great results in our Las Vegas Ambrose event. See prize sheet below.


We have at last received our new club shirts which look terrific. If you didn't collect your shirt/s today, please do so next Thursday.

We were also able to give out our new Breakers socks to our NTP winners today. Congratulations to the teams of Cheryl Baker, Di Rudd and Kerrie McInerney for being the first socks winners. Something new to aim for on team days!

Don't forget that any money you win in competitions or raffles now goes onto your members card as points. These points disappear at the end of December so it is important to either spend them all or set up a new Pearl Reward card so that your money can be transferred onto that instead of disappearing. If you are not sure what to do, please see Jenny for assistance.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019


Never ask someone from another Club to take your team photo.  Ha Ha.

Shelly Beach Invitation Day

A great invitation day at Shelly Beach today.  It was good to see so many Breakers ladies there & we did very well.  There were 36 teams of 4.  Anne Roach & her team came 1st; Trace O'Meara's team came 3rd;  Barbara Holt's team came 4th; Jan Portelli's team came 8th.  Michelle Lee won longest drive for 3rd Division; Jan Portelli's team won NTP 9th hole ( thank you Jill 😊); Jill Lavery, Viv Ball & Sandra Kunze won raffle prizes.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Results for the 2 day Tournament

It was a hot one at Toukley today πŸ”₯. It was also a great well run event by the district with a lot of hours put in to make it successful.

Jan Portelli was the Breakers star for the 36 hole stableford Div 3 winning with 68 points. Jan also had NTP on the 6th and to top it off she won a ball for todays event. Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Mixed Ambrose

Congratulations to Sheryn & Wayne Fuller the runners up in the mixed Ambrose 2 ball Championships on Sunday.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Tournament Results Monday 11th Nov 2019

Great conditions for the 1st day of the 2 day tournament at Magenta. Breakers were very successful with some great results. Day 2 is at Toukley tomorrow.
Standouts were Michelle Collyer won 2nd division, Jan Portelli was R/up in 3rd Division and Judi Eaton was 3rd and Deanne Curby 5th. Judi was also NTP on the 15th. Ball winner was Michelle Hughes and Sue Tierney won a raffle prize. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Thursday, 7 November 2019

Results for the 7th November.

A few fantastic scores today to finish our continuous comp. Lots of gobblers and birdies on the last day as well.

For the rest of the year we have some fun games planned, including nest weeks Las Vegas Ambrose.


Friday, 1 November 2019


What a great day! Smokin'!!

The most important thing was the fantastic amount of money raised today...over $2500. Congratulations to all and a special thankyou to Jason for the "refreshments" on the 6th tee.

By the way, the winners were .... the ones who bought the most cheat sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Pink Day

We suggest you pre-order your sandwiches before starting to help speed things up at the finish
 Pay your $18 then proceed to the veranda to receive two cards and a pink ball for each team.

Cheat sheets will be available from Bronwyn for $5 each and buy as many as you like.

 Note the practice nets are out of action tomorrow due to maintenance.

Teeing off on the 13th will be in front of the normal tee which is being renovated.

Please hand both cards in promptly as you enter the club as they are being manually checked.

It's a monster Raffle with some amazing prizes so bring your money. 3 for $10 and 7 for $20.

Monday, 28 October 2019


The CCWGA Champions day was held today at Everglades.

The course was in excellent condition and, as befits the event, the pins were in very challenging positions.

The Breakers star today was Di Rudd who kept the tradition going by winning the Division 3 GNSW Medal playoff, just as Charmaine and Deanne have done in recent years. She is now eligible to play in the State Final at Stonecutters Ridge in December. Unfortunately for Di, this coincides with her knee op.

Janice Adlard and Gai Catanzariti both won balls.

See everyone bright and early for a 7-7.30 Shotgun on Thursday, looking IN THE PINK!



It’s important to know where the money we have raised for Look God Feel Better last year has been spent, especially as we will be focusing on donating more to this worthy cause following our Pink Day on Thursday 31st October.

Last year we donated $2508 to this cause.  LGFB has advised that our donation has assisted them in running 8 workshops in the Gosford area so far with 2 more to run.  These workshops are on track to directly support over 120 people in the local community going through cancer treatment.

Each workshop costs approx.$1000 to facilitate and listed below are items that are essential to running the workshops –

Workshop Promotion:  Patients receive a brochure as part of a kit when leaving hospital.  Banners are also displayed in Oncology departments where allowed
Staff Expenses: 1800 number, travel, parking, accommodation where required to visit workshops and to recruit patients
Volunteer expenses:  aprons, name badges etc
Postage/freight:  Kits are sent to each workshop from the warehouse in Minchenbury.  Postage of participant information for those not on email
Workshop supplies:  Take home instruction booklets, mirrors, wigs and headwear to demonstrate with, carry bag for makeup and skin care supplies etc.

We look forward to another successful day on Thuirsday.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Medal of Medals Stroke Thur 24th

Beautiful day with the weather getting warmer. We can now slip slop slap before we start with the sunscreen stations at the pro shop and on the first tee.

Congratulations to Judi Eaton winning the Medal of Medals and Barbara Holt runner up.


Bring your money next week for a great Pink Charity Day. 7:00 for 7:30am shotgun start.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Pink Day Information

So we can give our thanks and recognition for the generous donations we have received so far for our Pink Day prize giving and raffle please see the attached list of donations.
As you can see the raffle prizes are well worth winning so we hope you support this day so we can raise as much money as possible for our Charity Look Good Feel Better.
Raffle tickets will cost 3 for $10 and 7 for $20.

Avan Morisset – Peter Crowder
(Gill Wilson’s partner) $250 cash donation.  Will present prizes
Clean Green Strata
via Denise Earthrowl’s son Christopher $250 cash donation.
Belle Property – Sheila Caulfield Sponsoring NTPs on 2nd  /11th holes.  Will present  prizes.
Retire Australia – Jason Millers Sponsoring 6th Hole;  Marquee + Bubbles and OJ at hole for players; 4 x NTP prizes.  Will present prizes.
Crowne Plaza Terrigal
via Denise Newman 1 night’s accommodation including breakfast and parking
Mary Strada 1 x Callaway golf bag & towel
Lee Akers- Kincumber Driving Range 1 x Srixon golf bag
Full set of grips professionally fitted
2 x vouchers for large bucket of balls at driving range
Drummonds Golf $100 in vouchers
Breakers Country Club 4 x bottles of wine
Nancy Carey-Berriman
(Via Helen Lea Tarrigan Glen) 18 holes at Gosford Golf Course in a cart for two players.
We would also like to offer a huge thank you to the ladies who have donated additional vouchers and prizes for the raffle

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


A reminder that everyone will need their Membership Card to attend the AGM, which will take place from 1.45pm after golf this Thursday.

To save time, as it is a shotgun start 7-7.30, please consider taking advantage of the sandwich order forms before you hit off. 

Please also hand your cards in asap so that the presentation can be finalised well before the AGM is due to start.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Ladies Stableford & Irish Stableford

Congratulations to our winners today, particularly those in Division One, who also managed to scoop the pool in the Irish Stableford.



Anyone wishing to play or cancel next week, please ring Colleen as it is a drawn event. Remember it is a shotgun start, 7 for 7.30 prior to the AGM at 1.45.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Thank You from Zonta

Over the last two years we have been donating to a local charity call Zonta. We received a thank you and two detailed reports to show exactly what was bought and where it was donated to locally.

Thursday, 3 October 2019


Another lovely day for golf. Getting ready for Daylight Saving as of next week. don't forget we start at 7.30 for the summer months.

Highlight of the day was the 6cm Eagles Nest from Debbie Smith on the 2nd hole. Congratulations!
6 balls to come.

Other results below.

Two competitions next week. Individual Stableford....mark your card as normal. In conjunction, the computer will work out your Individual Irish Stableford score. (Multiply your first six holes by 1, second six by 2 and third six by 3)

Please check your hole for 17th October. If you have a problem, please ring Colleen.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Thursday 26th September


At last we saw some positive par scores, thanks to lots of run and beautiful weather.
Congratulations to all our winners.


Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Press Release by Deanne Curby

Forget the publicity, all the hype, the fashions of the field and the marquees filled with the so called ‘beautiful people’ surrounding your usual trip to the Everest or Melbourne Cup. You haven’t witnessed anything until you have had the privilege of attending the Breakers Ladies Annual Stableford Shootout.  This annual event is packed full of excitement, tension, enthusiasm, fair play and sports’woman’ship. In charge of today’s prestigious event is Course Marshall Dwyer, Referee Gibson and Recovery officer Armbruster.
The talented 10 fillies all earn their place in the field by having exceptional rounds of the course over the period of a year.  And boy was the field diverse this year as was each individual’s approach to the race of the year!!
Most fillies and their caddies co-ordinated their apparel, some often enter events with the same combination of filly and caddy gear. There were a couple of standout individuals namely the fillies from the Lorking, Newman and Fox stables who made sure they wouldn’t be confused with their caddies! Speaking of caddies – what a technically competent and talented bunch they are supporting their respected fillies.  They are N. Leary; S. Connor; Y. Brooker – perhaps the wisest of the bunch; J. Lavery; D. Connolly; M. Collyer (generally the loudest of the bunch); V. Duesbury; C. Baker; A. McInnes and K. Moore.
Preparation for the event varied too: some arriving early ‘to get into the zone’; some leaving the selection of a caddy until they could choose from the talent on offer at the event; some seeking strength and endurance by eating waffles and coffee; or, for others, the partaking of bubbly refreshments prior to the race. 
Whatever the preparation, when the call to the marshalling area came, the magnificent ten stood proud, chafing at the bit, to get onto the course to see which filly could hold her nerves in check and commit to the task ahead.
The Course Marshall opened the barriers and out these fillies shot, led, of course, by the in-form lassie from the Hughes stable. This one is going to be hard to beat having qualified not once but several times over the year. Closely followed by that crafty old mare from the Carey-Berryman stable. This one may have more seasons under her belt but she is always a chance given her vast experience. On the left, but with her nose in front after the first furlong, came the Master, or should I say, Mistress of the Course, the young filly from the Chapman stable, calm, focused and of great ability this one. And then there was the Grey out of the Henry stable, a competitive, cunning filly is this one, don’t let her get a sniff of the prize!  Riding the far left was the popular filly from the Spargo stable. Oh no I fear she missed the start and may have trouble recovering from this position. Fantastic start from the filly from the Eaton stable – this one will be hard to beat with her high handicap, or should I say low weight, to her advantage. How impressive does she look! Also making an impressive start were the fillies from the Lorking and Newman stables! Both leapt out of the barriers. The Lorking filly has vast experience gained from non-stop travelling near and far.  If she can keep her head down she’ll be there at the end. Ah! this beautiful white lady from the very impressive Newman stable. This one will show the field how it’s done! And now for a relative new-comer from the Fox stable – what a huge achievement to be part of this impressive field. Ah! nerves have affected her at the barrier and she has run out of bounds! She may find it difficult to get over this first hurdle. Rounding out the ten is the steady, reliable, competitive filly from the Rudd stable. Inclined to the left she has plenty of hidden talent.
And the race is on! A hiccup at the first hurdle saw a tussle between fillies from the Spargo and Fox stables with the new-comer young Fox advancing to the second post. A much loved filly retires much earlier than expected. The crowded field snorted their way up the second post. I don’t believe it- there is another tussle between the fillies from the Fox, Lorking and Carey-Berryman stables. What an experience for the Fox filly, sadly she has been eliminated at the 2nd post.
Heading to the 3rd post with nostrils flared the now 7 fillies exploded! Trouble here for three of the favourites, the fillies from the Hughes, Henry and Carey-Berryman stables. Looks like that’s the end of the race for the Carey-Berryman stable. This race is ANYONE’S!!!
We all know the 4th post always has its casualties. This time it is the end of the race for the Lorking filly.  All that worldly experience not good enough on this occasion. And then there were 6.  Thundering down the 5th with its hazards to the left and right, our star filly from the Hughes stable managed to get herself into trouble, but miracle of miracles, she, with her great experience, got herself back into the running.  Unfortunately it was the great hope from the Eaton stable, with one slip up, who is the next filly to be eliminated. You will hear lots more about this one.  
And then there were 5. This next post appears to be the easiest on the course, but, can you believe it! it’s our most awarded filly from the Hughes stable who has trouble managing this and is eliminated as the rest of the field thunders past her. 
And then there were 4. The spectator gallery were dazed taking account of the casualties so far.  This is proving to be an epic race.  The crowd roaring their support for the courageous fillies still battling it out to win the coveted prize.  Which filly has the grit to win this challenge?? Which stable will take home the prize? The Chapman?; The Henry?; The Newman? Or the Lefty Rudd for her stable?
Hurtling down the 7th they came. Oh no! Looks like another tussle between the Newman and Chapman fillies as they round the bend. And the victor is the Chapman filly.  That’s it for 2019 for the gorgeous White from the Newman stable. What a great race she had! She sure showed a lot of grit!  
The excitement is mounting as the final three fillies take to the 8th. Looks like the lefty from the Rudd stable is in troubl. Yes, sadly, after an inspirational display the lefty is eliminated. 
AND THEN THERE WERE 2 left to battle it out to the Finish line. Stride for stride down the track came the Henry and Chapman fillies, neck to neck! The crowd roared their encouragement as the two fillies shot to the Finish Line.  A PHOTO FINISH!!!!!  There has to be a winner, and so begins the tussle for the last furlong again. The tension between the two fillies was mounting! Can you believe it ANOTHER PHOTO FINISH!!  These two fillies from the Chapman and Henry stable are both crowd favourites and highly competent and competitive!! The Course Marshall rallies both fillies and sets a further challenge in order to get one winner.  Off the fillies trot only to TIE FOR A THIRD TIME!!  A change to the rules for future races is discussed but another challenge is set for this unbeatable two. Two panting, snorting fillies start Challenge No. 4 – it’s becoming boring now – the crowd are tired and hungry, not to mention the state of the Chapman and Henry fillies! Looks like another re-run of the last furlong! 
THIS IS RIDICULOUS – ANOTHER PHOTO FINISH!!! The Course Marshall steps in and declares the 2019 Breakers Ladies Stableford Shootout has two Winners! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE INVINCIBLE FILLIES FROM THE CHAPMAN AND HENRY STABLES!!!!!! 

What a race!  What an outcome! What a great event! What a great crowd! And now out with the Champagne and something to eat.

Stableford Shootout Results Monday 23rd Sept

What a great day and thank you to all those that came to support the players. It was perfect conditions for all and it was a hard fought battle from beginning to end.

What a finish............... for the 1st time we had a tie! Jenny and Colleen made it to the 9th tying the hole and then with 4 chip offs and putt outs it was decided it had to be a tie nothing was going to seperate them.


Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Comp Cancelled for Thursday 19th

Due to the amount of rain we have had Comp is cancelled for tomorrow 😒. Please join us at 11.30am for coffee and lunch.

As always the course is not closed so those wishing to play can.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Notice for Thursday 19th

We have 7 Toukley ladies visiting us this Thursday and a very full field of 72 playing. With the large numbers we thought putting on morning tea for the half way point would help with the small wait we will have. It would be appreciated if you could bring a small plate of either something savoury or sweet to have with tea and coffee. Drop your plate into the pro shop in the morning. The pie warmer will be on if anything needs to be heated.

Thank you from your Committee.

Monday, 9 September 2019


Congratulations to the following ladies who have qualified for this year's shootout to be held on Monday, 23rd September, starting at 12 noon.

In order of qualifying.....

Michelle Hughes
Nancy Carey-Berryman
Jenny Chapman
Colleen Henry
Nell Spargo
Judi Eaton
Debbie Lorking
Denise Newman
Wendy Fox
Di Rudd

Reserves are Vicki Duesbury and Veneice Higgin.

We look forward to as many as possible as a gallery. Afterwards, there will be afternoon tea from about 2.45 in the club. If you would like to attend and did not pay at the beginning of the year, you can still pay $7 to Deanne prior to or on the day.


Don't forget that the Thank you lunch is on next Monday, 16th September at 12 noon for those who received an invitation. 

NEWS from NSW Vets at Kooindah today....

Judi Eaton and Colleen Henry were Division Two winners of the 4BBB Stableford with 41 points. Congratulations!!! Breakers on the map once again.

Thursday, 5 September 2019


The weather was perfect, the course was amazingly dry, considering over 200 mm of rain in the last week and the competition was fierce!!

Congratulations to all those in the Presidents team as they, once again, took home the prize.

Winners are below.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Shelly Beach Classic Results

Another successful Monday for Breakers. Congratulations to Deanne Curby winning the Long Markers Cup Stableford event with 36 points and Trace O'Meara was R/up with 35 points. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Gill Wilson won the longest drive and ball winners were Judi Eaton, Jenny Chapman, Bronwyn Dwyer, Gill Wilson, Trace O'Meara and Deanne Curby.

Thursday, 29 August 2019



Next Thursday, 5th September is our Captain/President day. The event is a 2BBB. The first two in each timeslot are in the Captain's team, the 3rd and 4th are in the President's team.
Captains wear cool colours...blue, green, purple etc. Presidents wear warm colours...red, orange, yellow etc


This was scheduled for tomorrow but due to the weather forecast, we have cancelled this. Instead, we are meeting for lunch at the Kincumber Pub from 11.30am. All welcome to join us.

3. STABLEFORD SHOOTOUT Monday 23rd September.

Qualifiers will be finalised this week and will be notified. Play will commence at 12 noon. Afternoon tea and presentation will be at the club from about 2.30. Please come along to support the players.

4. AGM is fast approaching on 17th October. Please think about joining either the committee or the social committee. It is a good opportunity to learn about what goes into running a club and is also a lot of fun.

5. PINK DAY  31st October

At this stage, we have no sponsors for this event other than for NTPs. If anyone has a family member or contact who has a business and may like to donate to this day, please see Charmaine for further details. This is our club's main charity day for the year so let's make sure it is a great success. The charity this year is, once again, Look Good Feel Better. This charity looks after women recovering from cancer treatment in the Central Coast area.

6. SHELLY BEACH CLASSIC next Monday, 2nd September

This is a shotgun start 8 for 8.30am. Leave plenty of time in case you have a bit of a walk!


Some people have not been able to log into the portal in recent days. For some reason, the passwords have been reset back to four digit birthdays so if your birthday is 2nd May you now need to add the beginning 0 so password would be 0205. Anyone who changed their password to something else, will also need to return to their  four digit birthday.

Thursday Golf

 'While others got drowned on the golf course the rest celebrated Jill's birthday over coffee & cake'

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Gosford Bowl Results

Congratulations to Jeanice Gibson who was Nett Runner up in Division 2 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Friday, 23 August 2019

Draw for President v's Captain Day

The draw is now available to view. If there is any changes please contact Colleen or Michelle Hughes

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Thursday 22nd Aug Stableford

Small field today. The results indicate hard greens to putt on 😁

The draw for Captain v's President day will be on tomorrows portal. It is a read only document so if you need to make changes or add to it please contact Colleen.


Tuesday, 20 August 2019


 Owing to Pat Whittle's funeral at 2 pm on Thursday, we have decided to open up the time sheet a little earlier to cater for those who wish to play and then attend the funeral. The competition will go ahead as normal. A presentation will also be held at the completion of play.

If you would like an earlier time slot, please check the portal and move yourself. Please also note that all players will need to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their allotted time as gaps may need to be filled.

If you have any problems please ring Colleen or Michelle Hughes.

Those attending the funeral, if possible, please wear the blue club shirt with white bottoms. Also, it might be a good idea to try to car pool as parking is limited. Note, the wake will be at Breakers from approximately 3 pm.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Pat Whittle’s Service details

Time: 2pm
Date: Thursday 22nd August 2019
Location:  Greenway Chapel
Address: Avoca Drive Green Point.

A decision re Thursday’s golf will be made at tomorrow’s committee meeting.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Pat Whittle

It is very sad to advise that our Patron and Life Member Pat Whittle has passed away following a recent stroke 
Our thoughts are with Bob and their family.
We will advise further once we know funeral details.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Championships Round 3 Aug 15th

Huge congratulations to all Championship winners. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Janice, Jill and Denise all first time winners who will now play off in Champions day at Everglades in October.

 Championship Results:


Todays Results


Monday, 12 August 2019

Results from CCWGA Charity Day

The day started off cool and windy and they had the greens running very quick to say the least 😁 what do they say keep the ball below the hole..............!!!
Big Congratulations to Denise Newman wining Division 3 Brooch play off. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jenny Chapman and Chris Baddack won a ball and Sandra Nash won a raffle Prize.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Club Championships Round 2 8th Aug

Perfect conditions for round 2. The course has dried up nicely bringing back some run. Slightly smaller field this week, however some improved results. While most ladies warmed up in the practice nets or on the putting green there was one stand out with a very different approach.............in the zone Nell I think I'll call her 😍


The vets Championships have concluded and congratulations to all the winners in each division.


Good luck to all the ladies representing the club at Wyong on Monday for The Charity day. Please wear your pennants shirt for the ladies that have one.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Championships 1st Aug. Round 1

Well, it wasn't the best conditions to play in however the forecast is looking much better for the week so hopefully a little dryer under foot. At least  the sun was shining and all members were accounted for, meaning no one drowned in the puddles πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ Congratulations to all winners on the day. πŸ‘πŸ‘


IMPORTANT: If anyone has picked up a GCR 5 Iron during the Charity Day could they please contact Nicki. There is one of our members who is down a club and missing it dreadfully.

Hopefully less of thisπŸ˜‚

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Team Event at Toukley 30th July

We had 3 teams go up today in miserable conditions. Very wet and cold 😁☔⛄.

Chris Baddeck
Cheryl Baker
Jill Lavery
Michelle Hughes came 2nd with 88 stable ford point.

Nell Spargo
Kerrie McInerney
Gill Wilson
Jenny Chapman won a ball.

Di Rudd
Sue Tierney won a raffle prize.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Charity Day from Charmaine.

We have a reputation for being a very generous group of ladies but this year our lady golfers excelled themselves and helped to make the day such a huge success.
Of course the highlight of the day was Jenny’s hole in one on the 2nd which is the hole sponsored by Sheila Caulfield of Belle Property.  Thank you to Sheila  for your donation of prizes for nearest the pins on ‘your hole’  and for the highest score over the field.

Thank you to those who made homemade goodies for the cake and produce stall and for the very generous raffle prizes.
Selling pre loved golf clothing worked out really well also.
A special thank you must go to Yvonne Brooker and Mary Matthews who worked wonders in the room and made it look so inviting when we came in from our game.
Here is a rundown of moneys raised today.  We should all be very proud.
Sale of Pennant Shirts (over 2 Thursdays)             $640.00
Raffle                                                                       $1240.00
Cakes & Preserves                                                     $621.40
Pre loved golf clothing                                                   $90.00
Tea/Coffee                                                                      $63.60
Total Raised                                                                $2655.00  which will be rounded out to $2700 to be donated to this year’s district charity of Rose Cottage at Wyong
Even without the sale of pennant shirts it was a record amount raise. 

We are so lucky to belong to such a great golf club with an amazing group of ladies.  Thank you all.’

Cheers  Charmaine

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Local Rules

Have you had a chance to read our new local rules board outside the pro shop? It's always a busy time when you get to golf, catching up with people, putting, organising cards etc etc, so here is a copy of the board for you to read at your leisure.



Ladies          1-9   Black                  10-18   Red              

Men               1-9   Blue                    10-18   White

Social           1-18 Yellow 


All areas beyond the boundary fences and marked with white stakes with black tops—right hand side 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, behind 2nd green.

All penalty areas are marked by red stakes. There is now no option to drop on the opposite side of a red penalty area unless there is a local rule in place, as below at our course.
On the 4th/13th hole, there is an extra relief option if the ball is in the red penalty area on the right hand side of the hole. For one penalty stroke, the player may drop the original ball or another ball on the opposite side of the penalty area.

Reference Point: The estimated point on the opposite edge of the penalty area that is the same distance from the hole as the point where the original ball last crossed the edge of the red penalty area.

Size of Relief Area: Two club lengths from the reference point, not nearer the hole.
Drop Zones

If your ball is in one of the red penalty areas beside or behind the green on 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th holes you may drop the original ball or another ball within two club lengths from the nearest green Drop Zone sign, for one penalty stroke.


All tee markers, fixed sprinkler heads and plumbing connections, course signage, metal drainage grills, GUR and penalty area stakes, sand and rubbish receptacles, staked and wire guarded trees, wire screens (affecting swing), seats.
TREAT AS GUR (with approval of marker)

a.      Areas defined by white markers or lines

b.     Machinery wheel tracks in the general area

c.      Bare patches on fairways only

d.     Paths and roadways

e.      All areas of blue metal/gravel in the general area

f.       Exposed tree roots more than 2 club lengths from the trunk of the nearest tree

g.      Wood-chipped and all garden areas except the hedge behind 18th tee near the pump shed, the hedge between 5th fairway and 6th tee, the garden around the tree near the 7th bunker.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Thursday results

It was lovely to see that the course has recovered from recent rains. There was plenty of run but the scores generally didn't reflect this. The obvious exception was Octogenarian Nancy Carey-Berryman who finished 5 clear of anyone else with an outstanding 40, including two wipes!!!

Don't forget that next week is our Charity Day, with a shotgun start 7.30 for 8. The side door will be open from 7am to drop off your goodies.

Good luck to those who are playing in the District Foursomes at Gosford on Monday.


Wednesday, 17 July 2019


Tomorrow is the last day for Championship entries. If you want to play and won't be there tomorrow please contact Colleen or Michelle.

If you are bringing clothes in on the charity day please bring them on a coat hanger.

Finally just a reminder you have to be a financial member or a golfer unable to play any longer to be a member on our Facebook page. I have been getting some request from family and friends of members to join so these requests are declined.

See you all tomorrow 😎

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Abnormal Course Conditions Rule 16

DEFINITION: An animal hole, ground under repair, an immovable obstruction or temporary water. Note :  Most of our gardens at Breakers are ground under repair so this rule applies.

16.1  You get free relief when your ball is in or on Abnormal Course Conditions. The reference point is the nearest point of complete relief and you must drop within a one club length relief area.

16.1e  Relief for your ball NOT FOUND but in or on Abnormal Course Condition
If your ball has not been found and it is known or virtually certain that your ball came to rest in or on an abnormal course condition, you may take free relief by using the estimated point where the ball last crossed the edge of the abnormal course condition.
For example, you might see a ball splash and stop in an area of temporary water (formerly casual water) but it can’t be found. If you are virtually certain it is in there, you may take a free drop. Similarly, at Breakers you often see a ball finish in the garden around the ladies 8th tee. If you can’t find it, you may take free relief if you are virtually certain it finished in the garden.
You must agree that it is known or virtually certain that it is in the abnormal course condition, otherwise you must go back and hit from where the last stroke was taken, using the lost ball rule.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Results from Everglades

Breakers were well represented once again at Everglades yesterday. Course was in great conditions and the sun was shining.

Congratulations to Colleen Henry who was the runner up for Division 2 Gross and Bronwyn Dwyer was runner up in division 2 Nett. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jan Portelt had a NTP

Patti Beattie was our raffle winner.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Embedded Ball Rule 16.3a

Here's a rule you may need to know in the current winter conditions.

The rule changed at the start of the year.

Free relief is now allowed if your ball is embedded in the general area. Your ball is only embedded if it is in its own pitch mark made as a result of your previous stroke and part of your ball is below the level of the ground.

NOTE 1: Reference Point for your drop is the point right behind where the ball is embedded. The ball must be dropped within a one-club length relief area and must remain within the relief area.
NOTE 2: Relief is not allowed if interference by anything other than your ball being embedded makes your stroke clearly unreasonable (eg when your ball is embedded under a bush that prevents you from making a stroke).  Relief is also not allowed if it is embedded in sand not on the fairway
NOTE 3: If your ball is embedded on the putting green, you may mark your ball, repair the damage and replace your ball on its original spot.