2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015

2nd Division and 3rd Division as well as Margin Shield Winners 2015
9th and 18th hole : click on image to go to Breakers Country Club Web site

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

No Golf on the 22nd December.

Hi all,  there will now be NO Ladies golf on next Thursday 22nd December as there is now a corporate day booking. If anyone is desperate to play they could contact the Pro Shop for a time probably after 12.30.


Friday, 9 December 2016

Presentation and Christmas Lunch photos.

Presentation and Christmas Lunch.

Well another year has come and gone- (time fly's when you are having fun).  A big congratulation to all those very talented golfers who won prizes at our presentation, a great effort by all.  A special mention must go to Chapman who was the NSW Country Vets nett  Championships  winner 7 under.  A magnificent achievement Jen.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year of golf in 2017.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Countdown Stableford + Pink Ball 1 December 2016

What a great day! First the golf - 77 ladies all dressed in Christmas colours arrived early for a shotgun start for a fun team event. It was great to see so many old friends return for this 'end of year' function together with some welcome new faces. Thank you Jenny and Colleen for your organisation of this event. Who would have thought that one little pink ball could cause so much angst! Several 'little pink balls' misbehaved, some went swimming, some went out of bounds and several went missing. Oh the pressure!

The count down Stableford was fun and won with a decisive lead of four points over the closest team by none other than our young guns - Monica, Holly, Mel and Sharon. Well done girls! Full results are a little further down.

Today was also your Club's chance to wish you all Happy Christmas and thank you for your participation all year with our special Christmas Lottery. A huge thank you must go to President Cheryl and her special assistant, Committee person, Nancy Chilman for their great efforts in shopping, wrapping and setting up all the Christmas surprises! Your Committee resolved to spend $1500 on these gifts! What a great feeling there was in the room today.

Winning Team members with 84 points were Monica Haines (24), Holly Akers (6), Mel Sheekey (18) and Sharon Harper (45)

2nd with 80 points on a count back were Michelle Hughes (31), Denise Newman (41), Kerrie McInerney (20) and Helen Ingle (37)

3rd also with 80 points were the team of Gina Mesiti (31), Judy Scown (20), Debbie Lorking ((42) and Marnie I'Anson (24)

4th with 79 points on a count back were the team of Annette McInnes (27), Anara Porter (30), Jan Hoban (32) and Gerda Mather (44)

5th with 79 points were Elaine Clarke, Bronwyn Dwyer, Mary Moore and Barbara Holt
6th with 77 points were Gai Catanzariti, Marilyn Armstrong, Deanne Curby and Suzanne Roberts Noble
7th with 74 points were Nareda Leary, Judi Eaton, Michelle Collyer and Nikki Draper
8th with 73 points were Sandra Kunze, Rhonda Boothman, Min Corner and Pam Crowe
9th with 73 also were Chris Whalan, Alison Bone, Mary Matthews and Ione Clarke
10th with 72 points were Sheila Caulfield, Molly Russell-Smith, Aiki Harrigan and Jeanice Gibson

Highest scores achieved by that 'little pink ball'
37 points by the team of Sandra Kunze, Rhonda Boothman, Min Corner and Pam Crowe, also with
37 points was the team of Elaine Clarke, Bronwyn Dwyer - welcome!, Mary Moore and Barbara Holt.

Nearest the Pins.  
2/11th - Nell Spargo,  4/13th Kath Porter and 6/15th Monica Haines.

Presentation Day next Thursday - your attendance at 10 30 for an 11am start would be greatly appreciated as there is a lot to get through before lunch at 12noon.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Single Stableford +2B Agg draw for partner

Another lovely day saw 52 ladies take on the golf course with some amazing scores.

Div 1   Winner:    Janice Adlard     Hcap  16        Score 38
             2nd:         Moya Allen         Hcap.   27      Score 37
Div 2.   Winner:  Annette McInnes    Hcap 28.   Score 41
              2nd.         Lucy Strada.           Hcap 28.  Score. 40

Div 3    Winner:   Denise Newman        Hcap 42.   Score. 39
               2nd.         Bev Milson.              Hcap 41   Score 34

2B In conjunction  Winners  Annette McInnes hcap  28 and Mary Strada  hcap  36  score. 72 c/b
                                2nd         Lynne Cattaway  hcap   33 and Moya Allen  hcap.  27 score.  72

Just a reminder next week is the last chance to purchase your tickets for our presentation/Christmas lunch.  Just see Deanne or Nell.  Tickets are $25.

If you have not put your name down for our Closing day team event contact Jenny. Also if you have your name down to play and find you can't please contact Jenny as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Psst. .... Psst .... Have you heard?

Lynne Cattaway broke the drought and won the Saturday comp with a lovely 41 points!!!!!! Nice work Lynne

And, more goss, Colleen Henry kept the Breakers image strong by winning the 9 hole comp at the Captains/Presidents afternoon at Shelly Beach on Sunday with a very nice 21 points for 9 holes!!!

Congratulations Lynne and Colleen.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Bookings for 'Ham' Day 1st December 2016

Wow 71 ladies have already booked for this great Christmas fun day! If you haven't booked a spot yet , and still wish to, would you please phone Jenny on 4384 6415 and she will do her best to pop you in.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Results Stableford 17th November 2016

A beautiful day for golf saw 52 ladies take to the course. The scores were so good that you had to score 34points on a count back to get your name on the Ball list. Congratulations to Michelle Hughes who scored an EAGLE on the 5th when her third shot slipped into the hole! Anara Porter was the star of the day scoring 40 points.  Full results were:

Division 1.   Winner.   Sally Hopkins (12) with 36 points on a count back from
                      2nd.        Sandra Kunze (24) also with 36 points
                      3rd.         Viv Ball (25) with 35 points

Division 2.   Winner.    Anara Porter (31) with a great 40 points
                      2nd.         Jan Hoban (32) with 36 points on a count back

Division 3.    Winner.    Gerda Mather (45) with 37 points on a count back
                      2nd.          Mary Moore (41) also with 37 points

Nearest the Pins.           2/11th.                        4/13th.                       15th
Division 1.          Jenny Chapman.            Sandra Kunze.         Jenny Chapman
Division 2.          Chris Whalan.                Di Rudd.                  Jan Hoban
Division 3.          Debbie Lorking.                         -                   Debbie Lorking

REMINDER :  All of the white flowers are going to be installed at The Haven on Monday 21st November - next Monday - commencing at 9am. You will need to bring garden gloves, a hat, sun screen and perhaps something to kneel on. Many hands will make this massive project happen as quickly as possible. Come along whenever you can to lend a hand.

Monday, 14 November 2016

REMINDER!!! ...... REMINDER!!! ...... REMINDER!!!

Flowers for Domestic Violence against Women - this first REMINDER is for this Wednesday, 16th November.  A meeting room has been set aside at Breakers Country Club between 12noon and 4pm to complete all flowers ready for 'planting' on The Skillion at The Haven, Terrigal at the end of next week. A request has been made for as many helpers as possible to come along to put the final touches  to this huge project.  See you there!

The second REMINDER is to buy your tickets to our Presentation Luncheon which will be held on Thursday, 8 December at 10 30 for an 11 o'clock start. Tickets can be purchased this Thursday for $25 each.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Las Vegas Ambrose Team of 4 event 10 November 2016

The pressure is off! Time to relax and enjoy a fun team event, which is exactly what the sixteen teams  did in today's comp.  Winners were many as can be seen from the results below:

Nett Winning Team:   Mel Sheekey (17), Monica Haines (24), Sharon Harper (45) and Vicki Duesbury (33) with a Team score of 56 1/4
2nd :       Sally Hopkins (12), Judi Eaton (25), Michelle Collyer (17) and Di Connolly (26) who scored 60 points
3rd:          Aiki Harrrigan (15), Peggy Searle (27), Carole Mallyon (33) and Sheila Caulfield (18) who scored 61 3/8 points

Gross Winners were the Team of Nancy Chilman (38), Nicky Henderson (1), Cheryl Baker (17) and Di Ind (19) with a gross score of 70 on a count back

The following teams won balls:
Michelle Hughes, Kerrie McInerney, Helen Ingle and Denise Newman who scored 61 3/4
Mary Moore, Elaine Clarke, Jan Portelli and Lucy Strada with 62 1/4
Susan Muna, Deanne Curby, Michelle Lee and Nell Spargo with 63 1/2
Jenny Chapman, Colleen Henry, Charmaine Armbruster and Anne Glance with 64 1/2
Chris Whalen, Nancy Carey-Berryman, Bev Milson and Mary Strada 28 with 65

Closest to the Pins.          2/11th.                          4/13th.                         6/15th
Division 1.             Kerrie McInerney.           Di Ind.                        Sally Hopkins
Division 2.             Min Corner.             Nancy Carey-Berryman.    Elaine Clarke
Division 3.             Sharon Harper.                       -                                      -

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

CCWGA District Tournament at Toukley and Gosford.

A number of our Breakers ladies played the two day tournament with some wonderful results.

Day one was played at Toukley
Div 1 winner Sally Hopkins 36 stableford pts.
Div 3 Veneice Higgin NTP 3 hole.
Div 3 Michelle Lee NTP 17 hole 2nd shot.
Balls where won by Shan Melverton, Lucy Strada, Jenny Chapman, and Judy Eaton.

Day Two was played at Gosford.
Div 1 Jenny Chapman 39 s'ford points winner.
Div 3 Shan Melverton  39 s'ford pts  4th c/b
Balls were won by: Colleen Henry, Charmaine Armbruster, Anne Glance, Sally Hopkins and Moya Allen.

Results over the two days:
Div 1 s'ford  champion over 36 holes was Jenny Chapman.
Div 2 36 hole nett runner up was Anne Glance
Div 2 36 hole s'ford champion  was Colleen Henry
Div 3 36 hole  s'ford champion was Shan Melverton.

Our raffle winner was Veneice Higgin
As you can see some wonderful results.  Congratulations to all our winners.
Anne Glance,Shan Melverton Jenny Chapman and Colleen Henry.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Single Stableford +2BBB in conjunction 3 November 2016

Perfect conditions saw 59 ladies take to the course.  There were some outstanding scores by Susan Muna with 39, Sharon Harper with 38, Jill Lavery and Min Corner with 37 points.  However there was one super, super outstanding score produced by Colleen Henry who managed to score 48 points!!!! What a game Colleen, congratulations! Colleen's great score earned her a reduction in her handicap of 1.8!!!! Division 1 here she comes.

Congratulations to Rhonda Boothman who won the Eagles Nest on the 2nd hole. Rhonda was 21cms from a hole in one which won her 24 golf balls. Rhonda was the last person to win the Eagles Nest for the ladies approx. 3 years ago. For her efforts today Rhonda added an additional 3 golf balls to her stash.

Looking around the room after the game there were many new faces who have joined us over the last few months. It is wonderful to be able to welcome you all to Breakers.

Results for today were as follows

Division 1.  Winner.  Jill Lavery (25) with 37 points
                     2nd.       Peggy Searle (27) with 34 points on a c/back

Division 2.  Winner.  Colleen Henry (28) with the amazing 48 points!
                     2nd.       Susan Muna (30) with a great 39 points
                     3rd.        Min Corner (30) with 37 points

Division 3.  Winner.  Sharon Harper (45) with 38 points
                    2nd.       Lynne Cattaway (35) with 36 points

2Ball in conjunction

Winners.    Colleen Henry (28) and Nancy Carey-Berryman (32) with 53 points
2nd.            Sandra Kunze (24) and Rhonda Boothman (31) with 44 points on a c/back

Nearest the Pins.           2/11th.                     4/13th.                        15th
Division 1.            Holly Akers.            Aiki Harrigan.           Peggy Searle
Division 2.            Rhonda Boothman.  Kath Porter.               Rhonda Boothman
Division 3.            Bev Milson.                       -                       Bev Milson

Monday, 31 October 2016

Champions of Champions Day.

Well that eager young filly from the Haines stable has done it again!  This time she headed over to a very unfamiliar track at Magenta Shores.  With a hurricane blowing and  bunkers galore she passed the post 1st. She is the Champion of Champions winner for 2016 in Division 2, with a gross score of 107 off a handicap of 29.   A very impressive performance Monica, congratulations. 
Another winner on the day was Anne Glance although she did represent Shelly Beach today but we won't hold that against her.  Anne is the Veterans Champ Div 2 for 2016 with a gross score of 109 off a handicap of 25, well done Anne.  Sally Hopkins and Moya Allen  won a ball each.


The Champ Monica.

Vets Champ Anne Glance.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Medal of Medals - Finish of continuous comp. 27 October 2016

The Spring Carnival continued yesterday with the best of the best competing for the Medal of Medals. This being the final round in the continuous competition for 2016 there was a big field to follow the champions including young, frisky fillies, a good field of more mature fillies complete with a few wiley old mares which can never be ruled out going by their vast experience and recent form. What a field, all biting at the bit, ready to jump out of the barriers.

The eager young filly from the Haines stable didn't disappoint galloping in with her best win ever 89 off the hoof and a runaway winner in the nett stakes with 63. This great ride means the filly from the Haines stable has taken out the 2016 Medal of Medals for Breakers. Watch this space - this filly from the Haines stable is really going places! She has both the talent and the desire to achieve her goals. The investors will come running when she is put out to pasture! Her next, and final event for the Spring Carnival will be her appearance at Champions Day on Next Monday. Put your money on this one!

There was plenty of competition from the more mature fillies in the field with each of the Collyer, Chapman and Harrigan stables boasting their fillies recorded the remarkable 84 off the hoof! Magic from these three. Talk about the crafty older fillies, coming up the back of the field came the mare from the Moore stables, a real stayer, who performed remarkably to come away with 64 nett! As stated previously never take these wonderful, experienced fillies lightly. There is one or two of them always in the mix.

Official results were as follows

Division 1.  Winner.  Monica Haines (26) with 63 nett!  Congratulations!
                    2nd.       Michelle Collyer (17) with a nett of 67 nett on a c/back
                    3rd.        Jenny Chapman (17) also with 67 nett
                    4th.        Aiki Harrigan (15) with 69 nett

Division 2.  Winner.  Elaine Clarke (33) with 69 nett
                     2nd.       Veneice Higgin (30) with 71 nett on a c/back
                     3rd.        Deanne Curby (33) also with 71 nett

Division 3.   Winner.  Mary Moore (42) with a fantastic 64 nett! Wonderful!
                     2nd.       Mary Strada (37) with 70 nett
                     3rd.        Nancy Chilman (39) with 71 nett

Gross Winner over the Field was Michelle Collyer with 84 on a c/back

Nearest the Pins.      2/11th.                      4/13th.                     15th
Division 1.           Janice Adlard.        Nell Spargo.          Sandra Kunze
Division 2.           Min Corner.           Kath Porter.           Shan Melverton
Division 3.           Yvonne Brooker.            -                     Bev Milson

Putting:  Jenny Chapman 28 putts, Shan Melverton 29 putts, Barbara Holt 31 putts

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Melbourne has its Melbourne Cup, Terrigal has its prestigious Annual Stableford Shootout! Today was the day, a brilliant starting field saw ten well bred fillies exhibit their individual significant talents. Excitement was in the air as the field was led out by the tiny blonde filly from the Muna stable closely followed by the strawberry blonde filly from the Ball stable, then came the very calm filly from the Ingle stable, the Carey-Berryman stable was well represented with their capable filly as was the Jackson stable, though the rumour was that there may be some problem with this filly's leg not that it has been evident by her recent form. Moving down the field came the very talented filly from the Adlard stable closely followed by the eager, young filly representing the Haines stable - don't rule this one out! What a field with three more quality fillies representing the Harrigan, Armbruster and Glance stables.

The race for the coveted honour of Top Filly was off! A minor error of judgement saw the Carey-Berryman filly forced to retire early, closely followed by the Armbruster, Jackson and Harrigan fillies . The redirection in the course put the filly from the Haines stable off her race plan and saw her retire earlier than she would have liked. A really unfortunate error saw the demise of the highly competitive filly from the Ball stable followed by the retirement of the talented filly from the Glance stadium. You could feel the tension in the air as the final three fillies from the Muna, Ingle and Adlard stables headed for the winning post. Slight errors came from all three fillies with the Ingle and Adlard fillies able to hang on with the winning post in sight .. the race was really on now, the two fillies fought it out stride by stride only to finish in a dead heat!!! There had to be a Winner! The course manager ordered a re run of the last furlong, tension was running high, punters nervously urged their fillies on .. can you believe it!  Another dead heat!!! Can these fillies retain their composure to run another furlong? Both fillies led off to another brilliant start .... follow the race in pictures to see the eventual winner....
Our 10 Finalists.

On the edge of our seats - the competition was fierce.

Action from Helen one of  the 4 last standing players.   

Sue Muna

Janice Adlard

Ann Glance

Not all was bad when you were eliminated!!

Our President in the drinks cart.

Winners are grinners.

And the winner is Helen Ingle. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Stabaleford 19 October 2016

There were 48 lady golfers entered in today's competition. Conditions were perfect for golf - great course with fairways allowing lots of run, ideal weather conditions and enthusiastic competitors. The scores were amazing! 16 balls were awarded to players who scored from 41 down to 35 on a count back! Fantastic results!!!

Nancy Chilman and Colleen Henry are wondering just what they have to do to win their Divisions after scoring 40 and 39 respectively today only to be pipped by Barbara Holt who scored 41 points in Division 3 and Min Corner who scored 40 points in Division 2! Jill Lavery, Min Corner and Barbara Holt were winners last week ... when you are hot there is no stopping you!

Results were as follows

Division 1.   Winner.  Jill Lavery (26) with 37 points
                     2nd.       Kerrie McInerney (19) with 34 points

Division 2.   Winner.  Min Corner (31) with 40 points
                     2nd.       Colleen Henry (28) with 39 points

Division 3.   Winner.  Barbara Holt (39) with 41 points
                     2nd.        Nancy Chilman (39) with 40 points

Nearest the Pins.        2/11th.               4/13th.                 15th
Division 1.            Holly Akers.        Holly Akers.     Anne Glance
Division 2.            Lucy Strada.        Colleen Henry.  Anara Porter
Division 3.            Di Jackson.                  -                 Noela Hilbert

Congratulations to the following ladies who compete for the honour of Stableford Shootout Champ next Wednesday, 26 October commencing at 12noon. Here they are in order of qualifying:
Susan Muna, Viv Ball, Nancy Carey-Berryman, Helen Ingle, Di Jackson, Janice Adlard, Monica Haines, Aiki Harrigan, Charmaine Armbruster and Anne Glance.

Next Thursday, 27 October is the Medal of Medals Stroke round. Those ladies who have qualified to fight it out for the best of the best will head the field followed by the rest of us. Best wishes to all who have won monthly medals who are in the running for this award.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Stableford - Shotgun start - AGM 13 October 2016

What a shock our second Shot gun start in the first two weeks of daylight saving time saw lots of the golfers freezing cold and half asleep. It was worth the early start to have plenty of time to finish the day's event before our Annual General Meeting. It's over for another year - amazing how the time has flown since the last one.

It was great to see our new members winning prizes. Congratulations Jill Lavery and Michelle Hughes. Again we were all disgraced by Min Corner who keeps on playing her style of consistent golf to win Division 2 once more, proving that age is no excuse! Min's advice to us all is to keep your head down and watch the back of the ball. Secret is out now Min - maybe we can give you some competition!

Division 1.  Winner.   Nareda Leary (26) with a score of 36 points
                    2nd.         Jill Lavery (27) with 35 points

Division 2.  Winner.   Min Corner (31) with a score of 34 on a count back
                     2nd.        Elaine Clarke (33) also with a score of 34

Division 3.  Winner.    Barbara Holt (38) with 38 the best score of the day
                     2nd.         Michelle Hughes (35) with a score of 37

Nearest the Pin.         2/11th.                    4/13th.                 15th
Division 1.                 Moya Allen.     Mel Sheekey.      Kerrie McInerney
Division 2.                 Colleen Henry.        -                   Jan Gee
Division 3.                 Jacky Ritchie.          -                   Bev Milson

Well done everyone.

Don't forget to update your phone details for next year's Fixtures book, put your name on the list if you would like to come to the Stableford Shootout - cost is $7 for the afternoon tea or see Colleen if you would like to play in the Central Coast District Tournament on Mon and Tuesday 7 and 8 November. You can play both days or just one day.


Monday, 10 October 2016

4BBB District Final. Guess who's off to Bonville!!!

Today saw the District qualifiers for the 4BBB Par event compete at Shelly Beach with the first and second winners qualifying for the State Final at Bonville in late November.

The course was beautiful, the whale watching was awesome, the wind and heat were fierce! The latter three made for some very trying conditions to compete against. However, it wasn't the home teams from Shelly that came away with these two prizes of a three night, four day all expenses paid trip to Bonville for the two winning teams!

The winners with +9 from Morisset were Sheree Bamback and Gillian Mitchell and the second place getters with +7 were none other than MON and SHAZZA from Breakers!!! Our other team of Charmaine and Deanne came in with +5 in 5th position. So a great day for Breakers but an incredible day for Monica Haines and Sharon Harper.

So competitive is our Mon that she had the Bonville dates entered in her diary months ago! Well done to the both of you and our very best wishes for an amazing Bonville experience. We will all look forward to hearing all the details on your return.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pink Day - Team of 4 - 2 Scores to count - 6 October 2016

What a day!! Nicky and Chas were greeted with a sea of enthusiastic 'pink ladies', 53 in all, to take part in today's special Fundraiser for Cancer day organised by them. A great day of high scores, assisted by Nicky hitting drives off the 1st and 10th for those who paid for the privilege and the course being in amazing condition. Perhaps it was the extra strength provided by the delicious quiche or that mulligan that made the difference! Kerry Moore showed her golfing prowess by outscoring everyone with a 5 pointer on the 1st, or was it the 10th. Will you be paying Nicky every week Kerry?

And then there was the raffle. Jan Hoban was the lucky winner of the set of golf clubs, with the ever lucky Bev Milson winning the round of golf for two with a cart at Horizons. Congratulations to you both.

Thanks Nicky and Chas for all the effort involved in organising another fun, successful Pink Day. The day raised over $1600 to assist those suffering from Cancer. Thank you also to all of you who participated for your enthusiasm and generosity.  The day's results were as follows:

Winners -  Marnie I'Anson (25)Yvonne Brooker (43) Gerda Mather (44) and Jan Hoban (32) with the great score of 96
2nd. - Judi Eaton (25) Michelle Collyer (17) Jeanice Gibson (29) and Michelle Hughes (35) with 95 on a c/back
3rd. - Ronalda Arnott (34) Elaine Clarke (33) Barbara Holt (38) and Mary Moore (41) also with 95
4th.  - Nancy Chilman ((39) Colleen Henry (28) Anne Glance (20) and Nancy Carey-Berryman (32) with 94
5th. - Sandra Kunze, Rhonda Boothman, Min Corner and Kath Porter with 93
6th  - Jenny Chapman, Michelle Lee, Nell Spargo and Di Connolly with 91
7th. - Krista Cleary, N. Sinclair, Shan Melverton and Margaret Thorpe with 90
8th  - Judy Scown, Jan Gee, Kerry Moore and Di Rudd with 89
9th. - Veneice Higgin, Charmaine Armbruster, Annette McInnes and Dee Barham with 85 c/b
10th- Helen Ingle, Susan Muna, Gai Catanzariti and Bev Milson with 85

Nearest the Pin over the field Team Winners - Yvonne Brooker
Nearest the Snake - Mary Strada

Monday, 3 October 2016

Pink Day, Thursday 6 October. Shot gun start 7 for 7 30

Can you believe it - a whole year has passed since this day last year when Annette McInnes won herself a brand new set of golf clubs! This day is our annual fundraiser for Cancer day.

$20 is the cost for the day, this will include your golf plus breakfast/morning tea. The day's event will be a team of 4 with the best 2 scores to count. Come dressed in Pink to get your team in the mood to win. Bring along a $2 coin and Nicky will hit your drive off the tee on the 1st hole.

Again this year the main raffle prize will be the very special Wilson Hope Complete set of golf clubs. Tickets will be $5 each or 3 for $10. You've got to be in it to win it!

There will be no tea/coffee station so you can purchase tea and coffee from the Deck cafe.

Here's to making a great contribution to this day in order that we can make a sizeable donation to assist in making someone's suffering a little more bearable.

See you in the pink on Thursday!

Friday, 23 September 2016

2BBB Stableford in conjunction with Singles 22 September 2016

Fifty six ladies enjoyed beautiful conditions until the heavens opened up and sent down a dumping for a couple of minutes. This wasn't enough to stop some very nice scores particularly from the Division 1 ladies. Nell Spargo topped the entire field today with Holly Akers, Mel Sheekey, Janice Adlard and Di Ind all scoring well.

Our Annual Pink Day is here again on 6 October. This day is organised by Nicky Henderson and is always lots of fun. This will be our first shot gun start for the summer times, so 7am for a 7 30 start. Arrange your team and organise your pink outfits and get ready to raise lots of money for this special day.

Reminder about our Annual General Meeting which is coming up on 13 October. This will also be a Shot Gun start at 7.00 for 7 30am. AGM will commence at 1 45pm upstairs.

Today's results were:

Division 1.   Winner.   Nell Spargo (25) with the great score of 39
                     2nd.         Holly Akers (6) with 37 points on a c/b
                     3rd.          Mel Sheekey (16) also with 37 points on a c/b

Division 2.   Winner.   Annette McInnes (29) with 36 points
                     2nd.         Michelle Lee (31) with 31 points

Divisiin 3.    Winner.    Barbara Holt (38) with 35 points on a c/b
                      2nd.         Gerda Mather (45) also with 35 points

2B in conjunction
Winners.      Mel Sheekey (16) and Holly Akers (6) with a score of 44 on a c/b
2nd.             Di Ind (20) and Gerda Mather (45) also with 44 points

Nearest the Pins.        2/11th.                   4/13th.                 15th
Division 1.           Holly Akers.          Mel Sheekey.        Holly Akers
Division 2.   Charmaine  Armbruster.          -                  Kath Porter
Division 3.   Yvonne Brooker.                     -                  Helen Ingle

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Stableford + Challenge Cup Qualifier 15 September 2016

Wow what a windy day! 56 ladies battled the windy conditions to compete in this, the last opportunity to qualify for the Stableford Shoot Out, and the chance to play in the Challenge Cup. Scores were, on the whole, lower than usual with the exception of Jeanice Gibson with 38 points and Janice Adlard and Judy Scown who both scored 36 points! Congratulations to you three! And, of course, there was the ever consistent Min Corner with 32 points who was well in the mix. Full results were as follows:

Division 1.  Winner.   Janice Adlard (15) with 36 points on a count back
                     2nd.       Judy Scown (21) also with 36 points
                     3rd.        Nell Spargo (25) with 35 points

Division 2.   Winner.  Jeanice Gibson (30) with 38 points
                      2nd.      Lucy Strada (28) with 32 points on a c/back

Division 3.   Winner.  Bev Milson (43) with 34 points
                     2nd.       Nancy Chilman (39) with 32 points

Nearest to the Pins.    2/11th.                   4/13th.                15th
Division 1.        Janice Adlard.           Sally Hopkins.         Di Ind
Division 2.        Jeanice Gibson.         Min Corner.        Jeanice Gibson
Division 3.        Denise Newman.               -                  Debbie Lorking

Friday, 9 September 2016

Shelly Beach Invitation Day - You are invited!

Shelly Beach is having their Invitation Day on Wednesday 28 September. It's a shot gun start at 7 30 for 8am start. The game will be followed with a Buffet lunch. Cost for the day is $27. If you are interested get in touch with Jenny ASAP.

Captain vs President Day +4BBB Stableford Comp 8 September 2016

Lots of HOT members of the President's team fought valiantly against the COOL Captain's team members for the glory of winning this prestigious annual fun event. Judging by the buzz in the room after the game it was indeed a fun day. Victorious this year was the Captain's COOL team - winning the coveted trophies for the first year in some time.  Congratulations to the members of the Captain's team who won despite Michelle C's partnership being disqualified.

The winning pairs for the 4BBB event were as follows:

Winners.   Jeanice Gibson (30) and Debbie Lorking (42) with 46 points
2nd.          Suzanne Connor (30) and Jill Lavery (28) with 46 on a c/b
3rd.           Monica Haines (27) and Sharon Harper (45) with 45 on a c/b
4th.           Marnie I'Anson (27) and Gerda Mather (45) with 45 on a c/b

Balls went to the following
5th            Di Connolly and Nell Spargo
6th.           Michelle Lee and Nancy Chilman
7th.           VIcki Duesbury and Di Ind
8th.           Bev Milson and Mary Strada
9th.           Cheryl Baker and Helen Ingle
10th.         Judi Eaton and Nareda Leary
11th.         Charmaine Armbruster and Di Rudd
12th.         Denise Newman and Anne Glance
13th.         Susan Muna and Moya Allen
14th.         Veneice Higgin and Elaine Clarke

Nearest to the Pins.       2/11th.                  4/13th.                      15th
Division 1.           Nicki Draper            Holly Akers.         Michelle Collyer
Division 2.           Annette McInnes                -                  Anara Porter
Division 3.           Debbie Lorking.                 -                  Sharon Harper

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Club Champions for 2016 !!!!!

Congratulations to each of the winners below who played consistently well over the three rounds of Stroke to take the prizes in this year's Championships.

Division 1 Champion Gross.
                  Winner.   Holly Akers (6) with a total of 240
                  R/Up.     Sally  Hopkins (11) with a total 265
                  Champion Nett.
                  Winner.   Sandra Kunze (23) with 221
                  R/Up.     Di Ind (19) with 230

Division 2 Champion Gross.
                  Winner.   Monica Haines (28) with a total of 300
                  R/Up.      Nell Spargo (26) with a total of 302 on c/b
                  Champion Nett.
                  Winner.   Min Corner (32) with 216
                  R/Up.      Annette McInnes (28) with 219

Division 3 Champion Gross.
                  Winner.    Carole Mallyon (33) with a total of 321
                  R/Up.       Di Rudd (35) with a total of 330
                  Champion Nett.
                  Winner.    Elaine Clarke (34) with 229 on a c/back
                  R/Up.      Ronalda Arnott (34) also with 229

And there they are a good mix of the young, the not so young and, you better believe it, the not NOT so young. Well done everyone!

3rd Round Championships + Stroke Monthly Medal 1 September 2016

52 ladies enjoyed playing golf today in beautiful weather to mark the first day of Spring. It was preferred lie through the greens which made for a pretty competitive day as was fitting for the final round of the 2016 Club Championships.  First to the day's results:

Division 1.   Winner.   Nell Spargo (25) with a nett score of 70
                     2nd.         Sandra Kunze (23) with nett score of 71

Division 2.   Winner.    Monica Haines (27) with a nett score of 69
                     2nd.          Annette McInnes (28) with a nett score of 70

Division 3.   Winner.    Debbie Lorking (42) with a nett score of 71
                     2nd.          Elaine Clarke (34) with a nett score of 73

Gross Winner across the field once again was Holly Akers (6) with a gross of 81. Well done Holly!

Nearest the Pins.         2/11th.                      4/13th.                         15th
Division 1.        Sally Hopkins.             Nicki Draper.          Aiki Harrigan
Division 2.        Nell Spargo.        Nancy Carey-Berryman  Peggy Searle
Division 3.        Di Laws.                                -                     Debbie Lorking

Don't forget next week is President vs Captain's Day.  President's team are to wear HOT colours eg orange, red, yellow.  Captain's team should wear COOL colours blues, greens, etc. If you are not sure which team you are in check the computer or ring Jenny or the Pro Shop.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

3rd Round Championships ...... 1st September 2016

The final round of the Championships has been re-scheduled to next Thursday, 1st September. It will also be the September Monthly Medal.

The draw will be the same as it was going to be for this week.

If you now find that you can not play, or you can now play, please contact Jenny ASAP

Please note, the Captain v President time sheet for 8 September is now on the computer at the club.  If you are on the left side of the draw, you are in the Captain's team (cool colours ...blue, green, etc).  If you are on the right side of the draw, you are in the President's team (warm colours ... Pink, red, yellow, orange).

If you are not yet down, you can ring the Pro Shop to be added to the draw.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

3rd round of Championships CANCELLED

The Match Committee has decided that, given the current unplayable state of the course, together with the warning of heavy rain overnight, the final round of the championships will NOT take place tomorrow. Instead it will be transferred to next week, 1st September.


If, by some miracle, the weather improves and you wish to play, there will be a single stableford event. Those wishing to play will need to contact the pro shop for a time. Remember that 8 players are needed for a competition. Also, the course will not be dry!!!!!!! If bunkers are out of play, there will be no handicapping.


See you  for coffee/lunch from 11!!!


Weather Again!

Once again, the weather doesn't look good for the championships tomorrow. The Match Committee will make a final decision as early as possible in the morning and will let you know, via the blog, hopefully by 7 am.

Monday, 22 August 2016

District Charity Day Monday 22nd August.

The District Charity Day was held at Everglades today in rather bleak and cold conditions but our team of ....Kerrie, Janice, Monica, Charmaine, Gina, Moya, Carole, Jenny, Jan Portelli and  Nell. with a total of 202  won the day by 10 shots from Everglades 192.

Kerrie won the individual comp on 39pts with Charmaine 7th on 35pts.

Another triumph for Breakers.



Saturday, 20 August 2016

Weekly 9 Hole Comp. Are you interested????

We would like to try a new format to get our players, who feel they can't play 18 holes, to get back on the course. Get a partner, book a time that suits the two or more of you. Complete your cards, both checking and signing, and then come along to join the rest of the ladies on a Thursday around 2pm to get your results and enjoy a coffee and a chat.  It's that simple! Yvonne Brooker has kindly agreed to oversee this comp., so if you have any questions please contact Yvonne on 4367 2197 or Jenny. Thank you Yvonne!

2016 Vets Champions

Congratulations to the following 12 ladies who were the best players over the last two weeks of the Vets Championships. This is the one occasion when being young, under 50, puts you out of the competition. Age is no excuse as can be seen by Min Corner's consistent performance over the championships, and indeed most weeks!

Division 1  Vets Champion.
                           Winner Gross   Sally Hopkins   R/up:  Di Ind
                           Winner Nett.    Sandra Kunze.  R/up:  Cheryl Baker

Division 2. Vets Champion.  
                            Winner Gross.  Moya Allen.     R/up:  Min Corner
                            Winner Nett.    Susan Muna.    R/up:  Annette McInnes

Division 3. Vets Champion.  
                            Winner Gross.  Carole Mallyon. R/up Di Rudd
                            Winner Nett.    Ronalda Arnott. R/up. Elaine Clarke

Well done to each of you!!!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stroke Championships + 2nd Rnd Vets Championships 18 August 20161

Spring has sprung! What a glorious day for golf, the scores were evidence that the course has dried out and 'run' is back!  The Club and Vets Championships continued today with Vets Championships results finalised, results are in the next blog. Scores were generally much better than last week. Leaders in the Championships were represented across all age groups from Holly to Min.  Keep the good form going for next week, the third and final week of the Club Championships. Today's results were as follows:

Division 1 :  Winner.    Holly Akers (6) with a nett score of 71 on a c/back from
                      2nd.         Anne Glance (19) also with a nett score of 71
                      3rd.          Di Ind (19) with a nett score of 72

Division 2.    Winner    Kath Porter (32) with a great nett score of 67
                      2nd.         Min Corner (32) with a nett score of 69
                      3rd.          Monica Haines (28) with a nett score of 70
                      4th.          Nell Spargo (26) with a nett score of 71 on a c/back

Division 3.    Winner.    Carole Mallyon (34) with a nett score of 68
                      2nd.          Charmaine Armbruster (33) with a nett score of 70
                      3rd.          Di Rudd (35) with a nett score of 73

Winner Gross Over the Field was Holly Akers (6) with a gross score of 77

Nearest the Pins.         2/11th.                         4/13th.                       15th
Division 1.      Gai Catanzariti.        Marilyn Armstrong.       Holly Akers
Division 2.      Suzanne Connor.      Veneice Higgin.             Monica Haines
Divisiin 3.       Carol Stratford.                    -                          Ione Clarke

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Captains v Presidents Day 8th September.

The Captain v President day is coming up on Thursday 8th September. This is a drawn event. We will be taking entries this Thursday. No extra entry fee for this event, just find a partner to enter with or put your name down by yourself and we will organise a partner for you.    Jenny.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Stroke Monthly Medal+6th GNSW Medal+1st Rnd Club+Vets Championships

57 eager ladies took to the course today hoping to have a good first round for the 2016 Club and Vets Championships. Our course surprised us with better than expected playing conditions given the recent wet weather, though preferred lies through the greens were very welcome. Congratulations to our winners of each division who represented the young - Mel Sheekey, the not so young - Kathy Porter and the not, not so young - Min Corner! Great work on a day that saw some pretty high scoring - did anyone hear about Michelle Collyer's 17 on the 7th? Results were as follows:

Division 1.   Winner.   Mel Sheekey (16) with a nett score of 73
                      2nd.        Di Connolly (25) with a nett score of 74
                      3rd.         Nicki Draper (18) with a nett score of 76

Division 2.   Winner.   Min Corner (32) with a nett score of 72
                      2nd.        Annette McInnes (28) with a nett score of 74 on a c/back
                      3rd.         Lucy Strada (28) with a nett score of 74
                      4th.         Susan Muna (30) with a nett score of 76

Division 3.    Winner.   Kathy Porter (33) with 70 the lowest nett for the day
                      2nd.         Di Rudd (35) with a nett score of 76
                      3rd.          Ronalda Arnott (34) with a nett score of 77

Winner Gross over the Field was Holly Akers (6) with a gross score of 82

Nearest the Pins.       2/11th.                     4/13th.                       15th
Division 1.                Sally Hopkins.        Nicki Draper.      Holly Akers
Division 2.                Lynne Cattaway.            -                   Monica Haines
Division 3.                          -                    Debbie Lorking.  Mary Strada

The Championships will continue with Stroke rounds next week - Club + Vets and the following week - the third and final round of Club Championships. If you are not playing in the Championships you can play at the end of the field on both days.


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Championships Information for the following weeks.



The postponed 1st round of the championships will now take place next week, 11th August.

It will also be a Monthly Medal and the 6th GNSW medal.

The 2nd round will be held on 18th August, with the 3rd round now on the 25th August.

The Vets Championships will be the first two days, 11th and 18th August.

Draw for the 11th August will be virtually the same as it was for the 4th August.

If you can’t play, or now can play, please let Jenny know asap.

Todays golf CANCELLED

Hi ladies the first round of the championships have been cancelled, the course is unplayable. Details of next week will follow later.  No golf but we can still do coffee at the club around 10:30am -11am.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


As the weather is predicted to be somewhat inclement tomorrow a decision will be made at 7:30am by Jenny as to what to do.  I will then post that decision on the blog for you.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

PAR 28 July 2016

What a gorgeous day for the fifty-seven ladies who played in today's PAR event. Scores were particularly good with our large Division 1 players. The course, while damp in places, provided us with plenty of run making for an enjoyable game. A great win today for our Captain, Jenny, with a wonderful score of +3 in Division 1 and to Elaine Clarke who won Division 2 with +2 followed closely by Charmaine Armbruster and Lucy Strada both with a great +1. Full scores were as follows:

Division 1.  Winner.  Jenny Chapman (17) with +3
                    2nd.       Di Ind (19) with -1

Division 2.  Winner.  Elaine Clarke (34) with +2
                    2nd.       Charmaine Armbruster (34) with +1 on a count back
                    3rd.        Lucy Strada (28) also with +1

Division 3.  Winner.  Aileen Davis (39) with -2
                    2nd.       Nancy Chilman (39) with -3

Nearest the Pins.    2/11th.                     4/13th.                      15th
Division 1.   Holly Akers.                    Nicki Draper.            Sally Hopkins
Division 2.   Nancy Carey-Berryman. Nancy Carey-Berryman. Lucy Strada
Division 3.   Angela McManus.           -                                Aileen Davis

Our second 100 club was drawn today. Winners of $25 each were Jan Portelli,
Bev Milson, Di Rudd and our new member, Shan Melverton.

Club Championships will run for the next 3 weeks. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hospital Visit.

Yesterday a few of our committee were invited to a morning tea as a thank you for our donation which allowed them to purchase four new Oncology chairs for the chemotherapy patients.  A big thank you to all our golfers who supported our a Pink and Charity Days which enables us to make these donations.

Monday, 25 July 2016

District Foursomes

Quite a few Breakers ladies headed to Toukley for the District foursomes.  The weather was a tad cold and windy but the sky was blue and the course was dry. Congratulations to  quite a few of our ladies who were in the winners circle.
Aiki and Michelle

Jan and Di

Division 1 gross runners up on 94:    Yvonne Boardman and Anne Glance.
Division 1 nett runners up on 791/2:  Marilyn Armstrong and Bev McLean.

Division 2  gross winners on 102:      Aiki Harrigan and Michelle Lee
Division 2  nett runners up on 81:      Di Rudd and Jan Portelli

Ntps to Sally (div 1) and Monica(div 3) both on the 13th

Balls to Sally and Cheryl, Kerrie and Jeanice, Judy and Cheryl and Nell and Jenny.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thank You everyone for a great Charity Day

The day may have been dismal but charity was alive and kicking! Thank you to you all for getting into the spirit of our 'new look' Charity Day. The jams, pickles and lemon butters were great raising $265! The baking efforts were as usual fantastic raising $200 but the real success was the raffle due to the imaginative variety of baskets and all manner of goodies available to win. The raffle raised $675 and together with donations of $85 made the total raised to $1225. A wonderful effort!
The first three prize winners were our delightful Helen from the office, Moya and Nell followed by almost everyone!

Special thanks to Coco/Seashells who once again, through Margaret Thorpe, supported us with a prize voucher of $100!

$500 of this will go to CCWGA chosen charity Coast Shelter. The remainder will be added to from other money raised through the 100 club and raffles and distributed to our choice of local charities later in the year.


Golf has been abandoned today 21/7.  So if you could please come at 10:30am for our trading table starting at 11:00am.   See you there.

Charity Day - course is open!

Golf as usual today. Charity Day will happen at the conclusion of golf. goodies will be held back for those playing last in the field.  See you there!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Charity Day will go ahead rain, hail or shine!

 Weather reports at this stage could see golf cancelled on Thursday.  Charity Day will still go ahead. We request, if there is no golf, you arrive with your goodies for sale or raffle at 10 30. The Committee will need a little time to set up items for sale along with the Raffle so request that you go and have a coffee and as soon as possible the doors for the day will open.

The format for this year will be slightly different with cakes, etc., jams and pickles, some golf paraphernalia and our Monster Raffle. Raffle tickets will cost 3 for $5 or 7 for $10.

As previously mentioned each year we choose a local charity to support. Along with our chosen charity or charities we also support the charity chosen by the Central Coast Women's Golf Association. This year the District charity is Coast Shelter.

See you all Thursday for a fun day..

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Stableford + Vets Ball 14 July 2016

It was nice to welcome Krista and Sharn to Breakers. We hope you enjoyed your first comp game with us. Bev Milson returned to the fold after illness and travel. Good to have you back Bev.

A cool start followed by perfect playing conditions later in the morning saw 49 ladies join today's comp. The course was still a little damp with not as much run which kept the majority of the scores below 30. Janice Adlard (39!) and Judy Scown (36) in Division 1 played way over the rest of the field. Great game girls! Results were as follows:

Division 1.  Winner.  Janice Adlard (16) with 39 points
                     2nd.       Judy Scown (22) with 36 points

Division 2.  Winner.  Annette McInnes (28) with 30 points on a count back from
                     2nd.       Jan Hoban (32) also with 30 points

Division 3.  Winner.  Aileen Davis (39) with 32 points
                     2nd.       Gerda Mather (45) with 29 points

Nearest to the Pins.    2/11th.                      4/13th.                     15th
Division 1.                 Judy Scown.      Cheryl Baker.       Janice Adlard
Division 2.                         -                           -                  Annette McInnes
Division 3.                 Di Rudd.                      -                  Di Rudd

Charity Day next Thursday. Please drop your cakes, slices, jams, raffle baskets, prizes, produce off at the entry door opposite the bowling green on your way to tee off. Make sure you bring your money with you in order to purchase goodies and raffle tickets. Proceeds from this day are directed to local charities. The past couple of years The Haven School has been the recipient of our donation. This school rescues mainly Year 7 & 8 kids who find it difficult to attend regular schools. It teaches them life skills eg cooking, handling money, respect, etc. etc.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pennants Presentation 11 July 2016

Breakers Country Club saw a sea of coloured team golf shirts as all the District Clubs came together to celebrate the 2016 Pennants series. All clubs in the district were represented with at least one team, with most having entered two teams into the inaugural year of the new format.

President of the Central Coast Women's Golf Assn, Anne Glance, welcomed everyone on behalf of the district. After morning tea District Captain, Jenny Chapman, spoke about the new format and provided us with many statistics which put to bed most negatives voiced prior to the new format being introduced. Amazing Jenny and obviously the result of much work done over the course of the competition.

Our congratulations must go to Shelly Beach who, narrowly, won both the Wattle and Banksia divisions! Gosford and Kooindah coming a very close second. Shelly Beach also won the Margin Shield which goes to the Club who wins both divisions.

It proved to be a great Pennants season and our gratitude must go to our CCWGA committee for all their hard work, and in particular to Anne and Jenny! Well done!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Stroke+Monthly Medal+5th GNSW Medal + Goodwill Plate 7 July 2016

Fancy having to write a blog for a day like today but, you guessed it, 20 brave? Ladies took to the course in spite of the wind and rain.  The course, I am told, was playable with the sudden puddles requiring brief stops. Some of the more sensible ladies called it quits after 9 holes but the game did proceed with enough ladies playing to make it an official comp day. Results for these brave ladies are as follows:

Winner.    Jan Hoban (32) with 79 nett;  2nd  was Aiki Harrigan (17) with 80 nett;
3rd.          Jan Portelli (33) with 82 nett and. 4th was Jenny Chapman (17) with 84 nett on a c/back

Gross Winner across the field was Aiki Harrigan (17) with 97 gross
Putting with the lowest no of putts went to Jan Portelli with 31 putts
Nearest the Pin: Suzanne Connor was our only contender on the 2/11th

News items ....
Congratulations to Ronalda Arnott for winning the Divisiin 2 Knock Out last Monday against Charmaine Armbruster.
Congratulations to our ever reliable Dee Barham for winning the Long Markers at Everglades on Tuesday in testing conditions.

Please note entries close next week, 14 July, for our Club Championships. $4 for the Club Championships (4, 11 & 18th August) plus another $3 for the Vets Championships (4th & 11th  August). $7 for both. You've got to be in it to win it!

Blogger made a mistake last week!!!! From 1 July a social game will cost you $9 for 9 or 18 holes. Hope you all enjoyed getting that $1 change that you weren't expecting!

Charity Day is on 21 July. If you are not busy preparing goodies please save your money so you are prepared to buy in order to make this 'once a year' day a success.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Stableford + Qualifier for District Charity Day 30 June 2016

We have been so thoroughly spoilt by our endless Summer that everyone is really feeling the extra cold weather, and today was no exception. Our playing conditions were, as always, excellent with the faster greens testing us. Some people excelled in the conditions, some did not as was seen by the wide ranging scores.  Great scores by Helen Ingle (40), Denise Newman (38) and Monica Haines (38) - great round ladies!

Division 1.  Winner.   Moya Allen (27) with 35 points
                    2nd.         Jenny Chapman (18) with 33 points

Division 2.  Winner.   Monica Haines (29) with 38 points
                     2nd.        Gina Mesiti (32) with 35 points

Division 3.  Winner.   Helen Ingle (38) with 40 points
                     2nd.        Denise Newman (44) with 38 points

Nearest to the Pins.     2/11th.                    4/13th.                     15th
Division 1.     Michelle Collyer.     Janice Adlard.         Jenny Chapman
Division 2.     Annette McInnes.    Nancy Carey-Berryman Ronalda Arnott
Division 3.               -                                    -                 Barbara Holt

Just a reminder that next week is the first week of the new financial year and this means that our daily comp. fee will be $16 and the new fee for Social play will be $10. You will be required to show your new membership card in order to receive members' rates.  THREE WEEKS TO GO To CHARITY DAY ..... Our once a year project to be able to donate to a Coast charity.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

CCWGA Seniors Day at Morriset 27 June 2016

What a day! Frrrrrrreeeeezing and windy ....  Not the most pleasant day for lil ole ladies trying to play golf! Forget about looking 'spithy' on such a day, jackets, scarves and beanies were the dress code of the day. A cart was seen flying down the fairways with its occupants wrapped in a blanket. Blogger has it from a very reliable source that it is indeed possible to putt with a blanket wrapped around you!

On such a day the scores were just a tad lower than normal. There was one with 38 followed by a 34. Balls went down to 24! Doesn't that makes those of you with scores below 20 feel much better (including me!).

The cold didn't affect Judi Eaton with 31 (I hope this is correct!) who was the best of the Breakers girls. Judi came 5th out of a field of 63 in the 60+ age Division.

Susan Muna got Nearest the Pin on the 13th and Nell Spargo and Suzanne Connor received balls! Well played girls in trying conditions.

Thank you CCWGA for providing opportunities when we can all get together for fun days such as this. We appreciate the work that goes into these events.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Stableford + Aggregate draw for partners after play 23 June 2016

How lucky to be blessed with another beautiful day for golf, a little bit cool, a little bit of wind but hey, no rain, sleet or snow! The ball is not running quite so far but it did not stop some ladies obtaining some very nice scores. Congratulations to everyone - there were lots of scores above 30 which is great. Welcome to Vicky Duesbury who, not only became a member today, but won Division 2 and also won the Aggregate prize with Holly, on this her first appearance in our comp.  What an introduction to our club! We look forward to having you as part of Breakers.  Lovely to see Yvonne Brooker take out the Division 3 prize. Results were as follows:

Division 1:  Winner.  Aiki Harrigan (17) with 37 points
                     2nd.       Sally Hopkins (11) with 36 points
                     3rd.        Holly Akers (6) with 35 points

Division 2.   Winner.  Vicky Duesbury (34) with 37 points
                     2nd.        Cheryl Ledger (33) with 36 points
                     3rd.         Jan Gee (33) with 35 points

Division 3.   Winner.   Yvonne Brooker (42) with 35 points
                     2nd.         Debbie Lorking (43) with 33 points on a count back

Aggregate   Winners.  Holly Akers/Vicky Duesbury with a total of 72
                     2nd.        Di Connolly/Yvonne Brooker with a total of 69 c/b

Nearest the Pins          2/11th.                 4/13th.                  15th
Division 1.           Nell Spargo.        Janice Adlard.      Aiki Harrigan
Division 2.           Veneice Higgin.             -                 Elaine Clarke
Division 3.                     -                            -                 Helen Ingle